What To Do If Someone Hurt You
Kris Gage

When I was young, I read the 7 habits of highly effective people. If I’m not mistaken it says no one can hurt you without your consent. Well, since I’d grown older, I realized that some people could hurt me without my consent [financially, legally, physically or socially].

I thought, well, maybe they could do all that, but still they couldn’t hurt my feelings. Until I broke up, of course.

One of the risk of love is to be hurt, intentionally [they leave but still alive] or naturally [they die but still here in our memory].

I can/have to seek consolation in philosophy. But one doesn’t need consolation if one isn’t hurt.

Still, sometimes, something is not under our control.
When that time / thing arrives, maybe all we can do is just let it go.

At least we still have ourselves and need ourselves to take care of.

There are many people pass us by silently in our life without our knowledge. Looking back, we realize that it would be better to let some of those we know pass us by silently too.


I notice you use a lot of bird pictures.

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