How to soothe loneliness using solitude
Kris Gage

You said you’re lonely
I want to say no, you’re pretty
But is my word enough to make you happy?
Or you also want my body?
For what? Autopsy?
I guess those who do it are never lonely
Because they’re beside themselves, maybe

no caption needed

OK let’s be serious a little

the best way to combat loneliness is to acquire new skills that will help us move faster and easier towards our goal in life. that’s why we should be clear about where we want to be in the future. will our destination disappear before we arrive? will our dream jobs be replaced by automation or foreign workers? is the country we’re living right now still be there in the future? where is the biggest market for our skill? do we need to learn new language to get there?

there are so many questions to ask that loneliness alone can’t answer.