See How the Ceremonial Kris Boosts This Event’s Deck

The “Night of the Occult” deck is very similar to the Anniversary deck, which came out earlier this year. The deck focuses on players building rainbows of power gems and converting them to the proper affinity– in this case, Dark affinity. It’s definitely a fun deck to use and capable of some big hits but how does it do without the relic?

The relic for this event is the “Ceremonial Kris.” It’s designed to work effectively alongside any Dark affinity, Mystic type deck– such as this week’s heroes and that’s it because they’re the first. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more in the future.

Ceremonial Kris has three skills that will boost the efficacy of your fights and that’s on top of its powering boost ability. Those skills are: “Mystic Intensity Generation,” “Rites of Darkness,” and “Mystic Gathering.” These respectively generate Mystic Intensity, create Dark Gems, and create Dark Power Gem II’s.

We took the ideal version of this deck with six-star and fully leveled up (but not Awakened) heroes and paired it with no relics. This deck includes two Hulking Golem Ushabtis, one Madame Legba, one Mystic Madame Jeanne, and one Jeanne, Vodou Queen. All of these heroes faced off against two bosses: a Level 180 [Guild] Omniscient Conduit and a Level 300 [Guild] Omniscient Conduit.

Against the level 180 boss, the deck with no relics managed to win with 8:20 seconds left on the clock (that’s out of 20 seconds). It also managed to do a 22.6 billion damage hit, which is pretty impressive. Against the level 300 boss– we may have gotten better at playing during this fight– we won with 10:78 seconds left on the clock. The final hit damage, though? We only managed a 6.2 billion damage hit.

With three relics, we noticed a serious power boost. We went up against the same Level 300 [Guild] Omniscient Conduit but we defeated it way faster and with more fire power. For this fight, we had 14:39 seconds left and we managed to do a 28 billion damage hit. For fun, we also took the three relic deck on a test drive against a level 300 Eternal boss. We won with 45:09 seconds (out of 60 seconds) and we did a final hit worth 21.7 billion damage. That hit may be lower than one of our zero relic hits but these two fights were consistently faster and dealt higher damage than the zero relic fights.

All in all, we think this relic is worth it– especially for future Dark affinity, Mystic type decks that should (hopefully) be coming. It makes fighting with “Night of the Occult” deck much easier and much smoother than with no relic. We say 10 out of 10, would recommend.