Powerful supernova events in the world

Supernova events have always been a subject of interest for all the scientists. This takes places when any old star bursts in the sky to give lightning and release energy in enormous fashion. In the history of supernovas till now, scientists have noticed the most powerful supernova event in 2016 due to the burst of the star ASASSN — 15lh. Since the distance of the star was very long from the planet earth so it was not visible to the naked eye.

Following the explosion of ASASSN — 15lh, it shone nearly 600 billion times brighter than Sun and 20 times brighter than the light of all the stars in the Milky Way combined. This event was so enormous that it released energy which Sun would radiate in 10 billion years. It took place at a distance of 3.8 billion light-years away but was still visible in the sky as a very bright light. ASASSN — 15 lh belongs to a class of supernova known as “superluminous supernovae”.

It was discovered by the telescopic survey known as All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae. These types of explosions shine 100 times brighter than a normal explosion. Scientists have discovered that it was very challenging to study the energy sources of “superluminous supernovae”. Earlier, it was visible as a spot of light but later it showed its spectrum which left the scientists in complete surprise as they had never seen such type of supernova event in the history.

In the initial study, scientists speculated the resemblance of the supernova with the similar superluminous supernovae event observed in the year 2010. The scientists estimated this could be only possible if the new spectrum had been redshifted. This would suggest the supernova event took place very far away from the sun. Later, when the weather got cleared the scientists had observed the clear spectra which were redshifted to confirm the explosion took place about 3.8 billion light-years away. After the observations, scientists confirmed that it was the most powerful supernova that takes place in the history of cosmology.

The supernova event was further studied by scientists which also confirmed that this superluminous supernova was brighter as well as hotter than any other similar event in the history. Also, it was located in the bigger galaxy than the Milky Way and it was brighter than any other similar event in the past.

It seemed to scientists at the first glance that the explosion took place after shedding the outer shells of thick gases by the progenitor star because it looked Hydrogen poor. The intense power came from a magnetar, the ultra-dense, rapidly spinning and highly magnetized collapsed core of an enormous star. After blowing the outer layer of gases, the core collapsed which resulted in the event of the supernova.

Similar to this supernova, Betelgeuse star is expected to explode as soon as it has reached near its end time. It is located in the Orion constellation and its explosion would result in the bright light in the sky even during the daytime. Betelgeuse explosion is going to be one of the biggest supernova events in the history of the universe.

Meanwhile, the scientists are busy in studying the mystery behind the explosion of ASASSN — 15lh and it would take a lot of time to exactly comprehend the secrets associated with this supernova event.