Moeda will appear in a series of Reuters-produced documentaries titled Next: Blockchain, about blockchain technology and its wide array of applications. The first trailer debuted earlier this month in Cannes, France, and Moeda’s episode will be released in June. Numerous micro-financed cooperatives and their members in Brazil are featured in the series, including Moeda’s CEO Taynaah Reis.

Below is a screenshot from the trailer.

To catch the trailer, click here.

For more information, click here.

Here we have some pictures of TA and Communications teams working with people from COOPERFAMILIAR cooperative, responsible for the seed project “Women of Milk Way” in the city of Chapecó in the state of Santa Catarina. Here you can see Sandra Palahrini and Sandra Bergamin (who is president of the co-op). We have also on the pictures, Dinilson (Moeda’s consultant) and Rafaela João (Moeda’s social media strategist)

You can also see the public market from the city of Chapecó, one of the places where COOPERFAMILIAR will sell their products after the Moeda seed program development.

Today we have another group of people and whose products we would like to feature.

Mrs. Sueli and Mr. Estefano, a couple of family farmers affiliated with Cresol cooperative, have one daughter and two grandchildren. In addition to several products for family consumption, they focus a good part of their property in the cultivation of sugar cane for the production of derivatives, such as brown sugar, molasses and cane juice, all produced by them, manually and with old techniques. They sell their products at the cooperative fair that is part of Seed Project 15 (Awaken Women for the Future), which…

This is the second installment of our highlights on the products of Moeda’s seed projects. To see the previous one, click here.

These are handmade cookies made by Marislucia, a family farmer, affiliated with the COOPAFI cooperative in the city of Santo Antonio do Sudoeste.

Marislucia, as many other women that are part of the cooperative, work in different production chains, and sell their products through the cooperative for government programs. With the Moeda micro-loan program, COOPAFI will build 5 aviaries in the properties of women associated in the project. The structure of aviaries for organic egg production are composed…

Several weeks ago, we announced that we were releasing a questionnaire (linked here) to our MDA holders/investors so we can better understand their priorities and their opinions regarding Moeda and its efforts. We’ve received the first round of our results and we would like to share them with you.

Some highlights, and some updates regarding the questions:

92%(!!!) of our investors are Chinese, over 85% are male, and almost half are aged between 18–29.

Like most others in the cryptocurrency market, roughly half of our investors are interested primarily in profit.

Thanks to smartphones and the internet, an overwhelming majority…

If you’ve been following our posts about Moeda’s various seed projects, you’ll see that each one and their respective cooperatives are more than capable of high-quality production in whatever their field may be. We want to highlight some special goods made by the cooperatives.

The first one is the yogurt CLAF, from the family-farm cooperative SISCOOPLAF in Cascavel, designed to be easily stored and transported. The contribution from Moeda will be used to increase the capacity of the productive plant from which this delicious product comes out. These images were taken on the property of Mr. Lauro and Mrs. Nica, milk producers very proud to consume a product made from the effort of their whole family.

As part of our segment on diving into some of our seed projects, we give you a closer look into the workings of our eleventh, COOPEREDE and its bakery (to see our previous entry on the cooperative, click here.)

COOPEREDE has its roots in The Bahia Producers Network (RPB), which was founded in 2001 at the invitation of the Women’s House of the Northeast to the Community Organization Movement (MOC). In this part of the country many women have seen their space denied, and were disqualified in their identity as a family farmer and social entrepreneur, often seen as little…

As part of our segment on diving into some of our seed projects, we give you a closer look into the workings of our fifth one, Wisdom and Flavors of Cerrado, of the Central do Cerrado cooperative. (For our last project, click here, and for our previous entry on Wisdom and Flavours, click here.)

Central do Cerrado was first established in 2004, as an informal collective of 19 community-based projects based in the Federal District of Brazil, where Brasília is located. They were beneficiaries of the Small Social Projects Program (PPPEcos), operated by the Institute for Society, Population and Nature…

We’ve already introduced to you our 18 seed projects for Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program. And now, we can give you a more in-depth look into several of them, and tell you the stories of the cooperatives and the people in them. We start with the fifth project of the program, COOPERFAMILIAR. (To see our original article, click here.)

The Cooperativa Alternativa da Agricultura Familiar — COOPERFAMILIAR— was established on April 17, 1995. It formed in response to the problems faced by the exclusion of family farmers in the western region of Santa Catarina, mainly in pig and poultry farming. Large…

Women’s History Month, Month of Moeda’s Anniversary. It’s not by chance that we’ve adopted such powerful symbol as our brand!

The strength of women is present in every aspect of our company — it is how we think, act and express ourselves to the world.

We are the very first crypto currency designed for cooperatives and it is through cooperation that we unblock an entire chain, giving women better access to financial systems. This will allow them to stand out as entrepreneurs, generate income, win space and have their voices heard as representatives in their local communities.

John Chiarella

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