Why your “inner fat kid” is the biggest badass you know

How your “inner fat kid” should walk into the room

I’m on Day 3 of my “30 Days of Being Authentic” challenge…and it’s time to tackle the issue I’ve allowed to linger my whole life.

Not trying to poke fun at Alcoholics Anonymous…just borrowing your intro because I believe the first step is accepting the truth.

“My name is John Belcher and I grew up a fat kid.”

Now, I didn’t weigh 300 pounds, but in a small town I was the biggest of the bunch which made me “the fatty” in the social pecking order.

It wasn’t a genetic issue, either.

I made the choice to eat what I wanted, in the amount I wanted, at the intervals I wanted…despite my mother’s best efforts to help me.

Naturally, my weight led to bullying…which hurt my feelings…which I tried to fix with pizza rolls and Dagwood-esque sandwiches…and the cycle continued.

Food is fuel, not love John.

As you could expect, this didn’t lead to the most enjoyable childhood…

My weight was the target of jokes and pranks and I acquired lots of emotional baggage that still lingers to this day.

I’ve been known to use the “I grew up the fat kid” excuse to rationalize lack of self-confidence, doubt about my future, or as a placeholder until I find a better one.

Today is the day, however, I let that excuse go…because in all honesty, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Sure, there’s plenty of experiences I’d prefer not to live through again…but I would never risk losing my inner fat kid.

As I think back through all the awful moments he went through, the heartbreak he endured, and the times he got back up, I find myself speechless (and that’s saying something coming from me).

Today, my biggest struggle is figuring out how to help my clients grow their businesses. That little munchkin, however, was in a daily fight for survival….and he came out on top!

He never gave up, never surrendered, never allowed the people who preyed on him to take away the love, joy, and hope that makes me who I am today.

Those experiences taught me how to treat people, to pay attention to their needs, and to allow my inner compass to guide my path.

He gave me my sense of right and wrong, my commitment to seeking a mutually beneficial solution, and my unquenchable desire to expose the wolves that prey on others.

Until today, I viewed him as an anchor…

The part holding me back from realizing my true self.

I’ve worked hard to hide him because I was afraid he’d be the target for the wolves I have yet to discover…in reality, he should be the piece I lead with.

He’s by far the toughest, most driven, genuine part of me and it’s time to stop using him as an excuse.

They say the two most important days in a man/woman’s life are:

  1. The day they’re born
  2. The day they figure out why

Today, March 26, 2017, I realized my “why” is to help others see where they’re being preyed on and show them how to fix their problems.


All of us has “an inner fat kid.”

Regardless of what attribute caused you pain, it’s time to stop using it as a crutch and realize that that piece of you is badass.

Sure, it’s caused you pain…but you’re still here.

That little “defect” made you who you are…and that’s exactly why the people you care about care about you.

Telling you about my inner fat kid did a world of good for me…so if you’re up for it, I’d love to hear about yours.