Rules of the Game: Rule 1 — There Are No Rules

John Sage
John Sage
Nov 8, 2018 · 3 min read

By John Sage Property Developer

Welcome to Part One in the Rules of the Game series! If you haven’t checked out the first post, I recommend you go back and read it to make sure that you’ve caught up to speed.

In the last post, I mentioned that there are rules to everything in life, and as the old saying goes, rules are meant to be broken. At the end of the entry, I alluded that I would start showing you specific rules to follow to create wealth. Well, I’ll admit, I pulled a fast one on you. Here’s the thing:

The are no rules!

That’s right, when it comes to wealth creation, there aren’t any rules, and any rules you might have heard from some online investment guru are phony. Today, I want to take the time to strip you of the thought you need to play by the rules because the truth is, anyone that’s successful didn’t get there by playing by the rules.

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What I Mean by “No Rules”

Before we get into it, I need to take a second to make one thing perfectly clear: when I say “there are no rules” I don’t mean it’s time to run hog wild. There are still laws in place, and especially when it comes to investing and creating wealth, you need to make sure that you’re obeying them (you won’t look good in an orange jumpsuit).

But apart from the rules set by governing bodies, you shouldn’t hold yourself to any rules created by someone else. Think about it; all of the greatest wealth creators of the past and modern century got to their level by following their own rules.

You Have to Be Creative

Every successful entrepreneur had to get creative to make it to where they are today. If you want to do something that’s never been done before, you can’t follow the rules set by people that haven’t done it (aka pretty much everyone!).

If you’re serious about making money hand over fist and making something of yourself through wealth creation, you must get rid of past conceptions of how things work. Innovators in every industry always find a new way to do things. Take Elon Musk for example. Everyone said that it was impossible to create a line of mass-produced electric cars at an affordable level. Fast forward a few years and Tesla cars all over the roads.

You Need Values

Even with all of this talk of throwing the rule book out the window, this doesn’t mean you need to be lawless, without values, etc. Instead, I want you to create a list of rules that will guide you through your wealth creation journey and keep you honest in your income generation.

This can be easier said than done, but we’ll cover this in future blog posts. Until then, I want you to think about the rules you’ve believed to be true about wealth creation. Whatever they are, start questioning them. Are they really true, or can you forget these rules entirely?

Stay Tuned

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