Loci Adds Richard Titus, ARK Managing Partner, to Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce the addition of Richard Titus, Managing Partner of ARK ICO Advisors, to its advisory board.

Richard has guided a number of blockchain focused companies through their ICOs. ARK enables the world’s most innovative blockchain technology companies to bring new and disruptive business models to market and to access new capital markets.

Richard is now working with Loci to refine our user experience and to execute our market strategy.

“The US patent system is in desperate need of an overhaul. High transaction fees and legal risks make it nearly impossible for small to medium size businesses to innovate,” says Richard. “blockchain provides the means and Loci the leadership to change the system.”

Richard is an experienced senior executive with 20+ years in digital transformation. He has co-founded 11 firms including Prompt.ly and digital agency giants Razorfish (LA) & Schematic. He has also led business divisions for Samsung Electronics, DMGT (Associated Northcliffe Digital owner of the Daily Mail) and the BBC to award-winning levels of performance recognized by CES, GSMA, Techcrunch and the Wall Street Journal.

An early blockchain enthusiast Richard has advised numerous successful ICO’s including: ADEX, HIVE — PROJECT, PILLAR, PO.ET and the upcoming EXPERTY, GUARDIUM, OMEGA ONE, REVEALIT, SCIENCE, SUN EXCHANGE, and SNIP — raising +$200m in funding in the last six months.

Richard is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara and is based in the San Francisco area.

To view the rest of the team, please visit https://locipro.com/team/