The Count comes home

On Saturday October 8 in Manchester, England Michael Bisping will make his inaugural defense of the UFC Middleweight title against longtime foe Dan Henderson. Bisping being the brash loud mouth Englishman that he is, has always openly showed disdain towards his opponents and you better believe ‘the Count’s’ trash talk will rise to nuclear levels.

But let’s get down to why I believe Bisping will be victorious. For this fight I’d like to take a slightly different approach by using a combination of statistics and recent fight analysis.

First of all, Bisping has never lost a UFC fight in his homeland of Great Britain. Time and time again this has provided a tremendous moral boost to him which has directly impacted his Octagon performance. Bisping’s footwork is far superior to Henderson’s which hasn’t shown improvement since joining the UFC.

I believe this will greatly advantage the champion because Henderson is such a powerful wrestler with limited striking capabilities. Although a high-level wrestler the challenger could face problems if trying to take down Bisping; whose take down defense is 75% over the past four fights which is 8% higher than his career average.

Finally, Dan Henderson lives and dies by the knockout. It’s rightly justified for his right hand to be nicknamed the “H-Bomb” since whenever it has landed you’re most likely taking a nap. This will be ‘Hendo’s’ last fight, and his H-Bomb could be his only shot to win.

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