Hi John,
Valeriy Bykanov

Hello Valeriy,

Ha! Probably tons … if I had the backing.

At this point I’m a wanderer, trying my hardest to figure out what it is to be a founder. Did the development thing, laying out the structures reflecting the idea, and possibilities.

Learned some lean startup concepts after being awarded a scholarship from projectY in Las Alamos. Talked with some very interesting folks who focused me on Toastmasters where I am on a pathway for Dynamic Leadership.

I had a dream. After beating the ground, I concluded, to bootstrap using my skills, while learning programming for an MVP. PHP took me far. More is needed for mobility, and technical scalability.

Traction is on the menu now.

I’m moving from being developer to entrepreneur. I need to broaden my scope farther away from home. Honestly, I have no idea what my poking around can do. I remain positive.

My own investment and belief carries me forward. Breaking into new possibilities is my hope to share an idea designed to help many. I want to break the status quo, providing more opportunities in distribution for both creator and fan. I have built a more effective path for musicians to bring their product to market with zero or very little cost of entry. Luckily, my present monthly expense keeping the MVP live is cheap.

I appreciate your getting back to me. It’s re-assuring to know people willing to see new horizons. Connecting to the right people, I strongly believe, can make a difference.

Music is the first vertical. Interest media filtered by region.