Google, HuffPo, Greenpeace & the liberal progressive ‘Resistance’ are lying to you
Nafeez Ahmed

In this particularly partisan time, I’m not sure titling an article as you did is constructive … but … I read it. It is a lot to muscle through with plenty of broad strokes. I do appreciate the candor of statements contained.

I do think a lot of re-thinking needs to happen, not sure one should pin it on one bunch or another. This kind of conversation needs to expand possibilities without so much finger pointing.

There are lots of arguments on both sides of the American fence and yes … running like lemmings towards the largest institution has very large faults. Diverse economies are much more stable.

Some how our younger generations are going to have to figure out how to value more diversity while leaving behind the obsession with “larger is better.” In doing so, I can only hope, they can diverge from the endless need to extract from our earth.