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The Tip Jar: Literally the Tip Jar

A series of little tips for musicians trying to survive

I enjoy playing around Santa Fe occasionally, and when I do, I usually bring out my tip jar.

Now, different situations demand different thinking.

This is my basic success story.

1. Get a clear plastic container large enough … not 50 gallon barrel.

2. Put something inspiring inside.

a) Families: my wooden frog is cool. Add a shaker.

b) Beer drinkers: a beer can will do. Nothing like sympathetic drinkers.

3. Always seed the jar with a 5 spot. Me, I have a real $2 bill.

4. Place your tip jar higher, on a stool, or something.


Some times it’s very handy to have a friend run the tip jar around the joint.

Disclaimer: Don’t blame me if this doesn’t work. There are no guarantees in life, especially with music.

Happy playing.

John Cole, founder/developer

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Exploring possibilities furthering opportunities for musicians everywhere. Founder/Lead Developer

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