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Working the Musical Chops

Growing with friends

John Cole
John Cole
Apr 17 · 3 min read

I like open mics. Last night, was another night with a variety of older, and younger players bringing their talents to the stage. That scary place everyone focuses on. I enjoy hearing younger players explore their own sounds through their original song writing and covers.

Some times, if the chemistry is right, bands form. Connections are made. Possibility is born.

Every week I try to make one open mic or another, although I tend to hang out on Tuesday’s at an intimate, kind of funky, establishment. Over time, I’ve watched people grow, and change while developing my own style.

Musicians can learn a lot from each other given the opportunity.

Musicians can learn a lot from each other given the opportunity. Skills happen with practice, and an open mind toward potential. Open mics are a great source where, in my town, experimentation is encouraged.

Not all of us had the fortune to find their passions early in life. I speak for myself when I mention this. I do a lot of stuff. What’s the saying, “Jack of all trades is the master of none”? At my older age stuff accumulates, until you start to clean out the closet. Prioritize. Music, and creativity has become my focus … a “lots of bucks” endeavor.

I get what I can, when and where I can, including festivals where people play in circles picking up tunes, theory, and simply, physical coordination. Some how, I patch the music together, managing to enjoy my own experiments in finding who I am. My style. My truth.

Somewhere along the road I discovered the value of entertaining an audience. An open mic is truly a great place to bring ones best forward. Nothing is finer then a positive place to play. When an audience gets up and dances to your outpouring of energy, it is hard to beat the gratification one can feel from simple gestures.

This is my goal, as I begin to emerge from years of coding Muezbiz, which by the way is pretty decent code with a need for some more contemporary skills to take the site further.

My goal with Muezbiz has always been, “Helping musicians, and people enjoy each other in a world of like minded adventures.”

Join me at an open mic, or even better, learn to pin meaningful things on Maybe someone else will be inspired to step up to the stage on their own, bringing their enlightened passions to light.

John Cole, founder/lead developer

Working hard bringing music publishing back from the brink by paying neighbor representatives a share of member published music.

Muezbiz is a startup.“Pin to your MusicHood BULLETIN. Discover everything musical in your hometown, and in hometowns everywhere” Buy from someone local with interest media filtered by region.

All new members joining are forwarded to Santa Fe Folk/Americana conversation social timeline to see how the site works. Defaults can be changed at any time via the Preference menu under member’s name at the top.

John Cole

Written by

John Cole

Exploring possibilities furthering opportunities for musicians everywhere. Founder/Lead Developer

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