Hey John, lots of valid points.
Jim Hill

Thanks Jim,

I waver between sometimes feeling optimistic and other times somewhat resigned to a dismal future. I think you’re right though that we need to keep the belief that things can change and, as you say, there’s an increasing number of organisations pushing for change.

My bleaker view is not so much that we can’t introduce significant change without government support (it might well be better-off without it) — but frustration that it’s so difficult to get support from the established powers (governments, media, big business etc). I despair that there is such opposition to new ideas and technologies when all the research shows the sense in getting behind them as quickly as possible. Lack of support we could probably get past — but their massive resources actively opposing progress is a more significant barrier.

It’s not an insurmountable barrier, and I hope you’re right (I think you are) that there is an increasing momentum from younger generations who want to protect their futures.

I will have a read of that article and see if Bill can buoy my spirits.

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