A front-end deployment checklist

These days I’ve been quickly iterating and releasing brand new (landing) pages online. There’s a list of features that must be present in all of them, so I am including them here for future reference, and to help anyone who’s wondering if they’re missing something.

Check performance — reduce number of requests to a minimum, optimize images, minimize code, make sure there is no redundant CSS
 Make sure HMTL is valid — inspect the code on Firefox on your local machine. It will highlight any syntax errors in red
 Glimpse at the console — and squash any (Javascript) errors you might have
 Add all the meta code — not only for SEO but also for Analytics and OG:Sharing materials.
 Test all resolutions one last time — Firefox Responsive Design Mode is perfect for this. Ctrl + Shift + M on Linux.
 Make sure there’s no horizontal scroll on any resolution — this is nightmare material. Use same tool as previous point.
 Hunt down typos — Copy / paste your copy (eh!) on to a word editor if needed be.

If you have suggestions or feel I’m missing something, please send a shout-out! Much appreciated!

This article was originally posted on my website at http://www.fredrocha.net/front-end-deployment-checklist/