10 Insanely Good Reasons You Should Publish On Medium
Larry Kim

Larry, thanks for a good post about the value of Medium. I agree with some of the points. Its a great place to write. I like the people. It’s much better than other blogging sites. It’s a good place to build a following for your writing. Writing on Medium is a good idea and has real benefits.

That said, I have had several publications tell me that they don’t accept things that have already been published on Medium. One publication had guidelines explaining I needed to remove my piece from sites like Medium before I could submit to them .

I had one Medium publication ask to publish one of my posts, but afterwards when I tried to submit other Medium posts, they explained their submission model had changed and they wanted works that had not already been published.

I’m willing to admit there’s a slight bit of sour grapes involved here-but it’s only natural when you find out that some of your best work is not publishable elsewhere because you published it here first. Below is a link to my Medium post about this subject, (yeah, it’s getting kind of meta in here).

Again, thanks for your post. I just wanted to share my experience and encourage people to just take a second before posting and ask themselves if their piece should be put on Medium, or somewhere else.

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