The Answer To Annoying People

Poem # 26 National Poetry Month

People annoy me…

It’s always been like this. 
But it seemed worse, 
When I was younger.

To know my enemy, 
I decided to categorize,
The subsets of, 
annoying people.

Superior Jocks, 
Spoiled Rich Kids,
Stuck-up pretty girls,
Most important of all…Bullies.

I hoped they would fade away, 
In a grown up world. 
I dreamt of maturity,
Decimating all this annoyance, 
A world peopled,
With those who practiced kindness.

But these groups lived on,

They prospered,
They multiplied,
They morphed,
In size and shape.

Became skilled in meanness, 
Defined their childish evil 
In polished terms.

Aggressiveness masquerading 
As assertiveness,

Bullying became micromanagement

Name calling became part of coaching.

Keeping people out of their group, 
Became networking with like minded colleagues.

It’s my theory, 
That annoying people,
Suffer from not completing,
Lessons learned in preschool.

An elite task force must be established, 
Seeking out these burdens to society. 
Rounding them up,
Taking them to internment camps.

There they will, 
Learn to share their toys, 
Learn to apologize
When they are wrong.

They will learn the value of, 
Nap time, 
Milk and cookies.
Finger paint,

There are those,
Who will complain,
That this is a loss, 
of essential liberties.

To which I reply, 
We’ve tried it your way, 
All we’ve got is jerks.
It’s time we gave nice a try.

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