5 years ago…

Today is Common Good’s 5th birthday and to celebrate it I wanted to share a journal entry I wrote on October 17 2012 before taking the jump into becoming an entrepreneur. Its very personal to me (and unedited) but I wanted to share it as I hope it helps others thinking of founding a company, in the early stages of one or just dealing with some life stuff.

Below is that extract in full. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I’m going to succeed because I’m crazy enough to think I can.

The blueprint of my career progression is different from what is currently playing out. In light of that, I need to assess my situation and based on that assessment make a decision about what needs to change.
My feeling is that I have lost the passion I once had for [insert previous employer]. I can see that the effort and work are not really rewarded or seen as something that I should be progressed based on.
Those things are out of my control however and in many ways to not align with my values or strengths.
If I think about what I am good at it’s starting things. Getting going from a standing start. Turning potentially bad situations into good ones. Acting to produce results. Not managing the political nuances.
My future and thus the future of my family is dependant on my ability to negotiate the world based on my strengths and ability to make my own decisions and produce results.
COMMON GOOD is that opportunity.
Thinking about what other people think is irrelevant, I want a change.
- Some people will think I can’t do it. I will prove them wrong.
- Some will think I am making the wrong decision. I will show them I am not.
- Some believe fully in me and I will proudly prove them to be right.
My emotional control and psychological strength will get me through even the hardest of situations. Not going ahead with this will stop me from facing my fear.
The easiest way to look at this is a career shift. I have gone from being a digital strategist to being an entrepreneur. Some people stay in the same career all of their lives. My new career is to create, mild, shape, grow and sell businesses. This will require lots of new learning which is awesome as I love learning new things. It will mean making decisions and putting into practice ideas and finding new insights that can make a real difference in my life and the life of others.
This isn’t about a job, a place of work or the challenges ahead. It’s about adventure. I really do want a change and see a great opportunity to make that change.
17th October 2012 the day that will change my life for the better. The day I take control of my destiny.
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