43 Questions Democrat will not answer

Every night on Tucker Carlson he asks democrats a number of questions and the amazing thing is the technique employed by all liberals. They never answer these questions. They deflect. They always deflect.

Tucker will ask do you have any evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians and they won’t say “NO.” Instead they will say that they need a full investigation and there is all this evidence of meetings.

Every time you ask a liberal a question today they will never answer the actual question. I am sure liberals think this is an effective debating tactic and it probably is for the mindless followers who don’t want to think about difficult questions or answer them.

The fact is that you can’t know the truth without asking questions and getting the actual answer. Democrats never actually answer the question. It is part of the incredible filter bubble technique. Don’t cover things which will lead to the wrong type of thinking. Instead keep making allegations and accusations and refer to the preponderance of evidence but never actually provide any of that evidence not even ONE piece of evidence.

That’s important because if you attempt to discuss the facts you are acknowledging that the question has merit and that will harm the filter bubble brainwashing. So, it is critical not to even acknowledge the question. Never answer. Just keep talking and say filter bubble accusations over and over.

Never answer any question, never provide any facts because they can be used to discredit you, they can be argued with. Simply make accusations with no facts because you can’t argue about that. It allows you to keep moral superiority by making accusations and allegations without having to back it up.

So, here is my list of questions I have never heard a democrat give me or anyone else an honest answer to.

1) The emails disclosed on Wikileaks demonstrated truthfully democrats hacking of their own primary, causing the dismissal of Wasserman as DNC chair, emails showing conspiring with media to bloat polls to make Hillary farther ahead, hiring thugs to harass Trump rallies, collusion of Soros and Hillary, admitting that she told one truth to elite campaign contributors and another to the people. Did the disclosure that Donna Brazille the second DNC chair was guilty of passing questions for debates to Hillary during the Sanders and Trump debates followed by her dismissal from CNN and then as the second DNC chair. Did any of these change any votes? What percentage changed their votes and why has nobody asked voters this question? Do you have any evidence that any of this changed a single democrats vote?

2) Were any of these acts by democrats an attack on Democracy? If Republicans did these things would you feel any different? Should republicans feel free to do these things next election to the democrats without any disclosure? Is it the disclosure of the acts that is the problem? Or is it the acts? Or are any of these things actual crimes or problems in the democratic process?

3) Did the 20 or so proven criminal fake hate crimes committed by democrats pretending to be Trump supporters count as hacking the election? What about releasing the tape of Trump speaking to NBC about grabbing genitals a couple days before a debate represent collusion of media and DNC? Would that be a form of attack on our democracy? Why would these people do these things unless they expected to change votes against Trump and knew they were false or would damage Trump? So, can Republicans do things like this next election?

4) Does the fact that the Wikileaks were true have any impact on your assessment of the “attack”? Is it possible to attack a democratic election with the truth even if the truth is only from one side? If it were republican emails only and Putin hated Trump would this be an attack on our democracy or simply Putin being rational?

5) Is it the fact the emails had damaging information the reason it is an attack? If the information had not been damaging would it be an attack on Democracy? Is simply hacking politicians an attack on democracy?

6) Do you have any evidence that Republican officials did anything like these things the Wikileaks showed of the Democrats? Do you believe that they did such things? Why?

7) 90% of voters agreed was obvious and the media admitted they were biased. Was the bias of the media against Trump an attack on Democracy?

8) Was the fact that the democratic administration was surveilling the Trump campaign some form of attack on Democracy? Is the release of information about Flynn an attack on Democracy?

9) Is there something wrong if the US knew some facts about a nefarious candidate in some other country and released that information prior to the election? Would this be an attack on their democracy?

10) Is the US sending armaments to Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers an “act of war” on Russia? Is the hacking by US intelligence of Russian computers bad or good? Should the Russians consider US hacking an act of war? Or is it only an act of war if it is disclosed to the Russian public?

11) How far are you willing to go to penalize Russia and Putin for the hacking? Economic sanctions? Actual war?

12) Would you be willing for the US to talk to Putin to make our relationship with Russia calm and productive for the US rather than on a war footing with a country with 3,000 nuclear weapons pointing at us? Do you want to have a punitive and punishing relationship with Russia where Russia and the US are in a new Cold War? Is that a good use of our time or money while we are at war with Islamic radicals?

13) How many countries can the US be at war with simultaneously?

14) Would you be willing for the Trump administration to do the same things as the democrats? The Obama administration allegedly had the IRS audit thousands of republicans for political purposes. Should the IRS be directed to audit all the democrats in the election, contributors, senators, congressmen or women?

15) Should the republicans employ the nuclear option for the Supreme Court nominee considering the democrats pulled the nuclear option when they were in power?

16) Should the republicans uncover democrats in any foreign conversation to help us beat you next time? It is a fair trade. Trump will get 8 years to spy on democrats and disclose everything you do that is a problem. Forget Wikileaks. The NSA can capture all democrats communications with foreigners for 8 years. Hillary better clean up her act quickly. If democrats think it is perfectly okay then yeah. Sure.

17) Does the fact that the DNC never released the actual computers allegedly hacked by the Russians to the NSA or FBI for them to do forensics themselves bother you? Instead the democrats supplied the forensics. Does that make the NSA or other assessments less certain?

18) Should the democrats take some blame for the loss of their damning emails because they used poor security practices that even a 10 year old would consider easy to break? Or is it always the responsibility of the hacker for the loss?

19) Is Obama’s foreign policy causing 65 million refugees the highest ever at all responsible for BREXIT? Is BREXIT unifying? Didn’t democrats say they are for unity? Did democrats achieve unity of blacks, Europeans, hispanics? Anybody? Can identity politics produce unification or is it divisive?

20) Do you have any actual statements or deeds by Trump or Bannon or any of the republican deplorable voters to indicate they are actually white supremacist? Do you have any actual evidence of Brietbart making racist or white supremacist statements in any articles?

21) Do you know how much global warming the climate alarmists computer models predict we should have today? Do you know how much heating has occurred in the last 70 years approximately? Do you know how much heating they expect according to their models in the next 70 years?

22) Do you know how much CO2 we have put in the atmosphere in the last 20 years? Do you know how much temperature rise the satellites show has occurred in the last 20 years. How do you explain the lack of temperature rise in the last 20 years with the statements by climate alarmists that temperatures are rising faster than ever?

23) Do you know how much sea level has risen in the last 150 years? Do you know that the IPCC itself says there is no evidence of acceleration of sea level rise?

24) Have you ever seen a climate alarmist ever admit they were wrong about anything? Anything? Do the computer models show a flat temperature for the last 70 years?

25) Do you believe that the temperature rise in the first half of the 20th century which was as much as the rise in the last half of the 20th century can be ascribed to CO2 considering more than 10 times as much CO2 was put into the atmosphere in the second half of the 20th century than the first half? Do you know why the temperature went up so fast and so much in the first half of the last century? Do you think all of the rise in the latter half was due to CO2? If so, do you know that whatever caused the rise in the first half of the century stopped?

26) Do you have any evidence of any rise in natural disasters of any type in the last 50 years over disasters in the last 500 years? 100 years? Do you believe that any natural disaster is automatically the most severe natural disaster ever seen because previous generations didn’t have natural disasters, right?

27) Did you know the temperatures in the arctic were higher in the 30s and 40s than today? Did you know that ships traversed the Northern Passage in the 30s and 40s that cannot do so today?

28) Have you ever heard of someone paying one million dollars to have a meeting with someone and not expecting any quid pro quo?

29) Why would the justice department give 5 immunity grants to all the people involved in Hillary’s private server? Aren’t immunity grants generally given to people in order to use their testimony against others to gain prosecution? If you give all 5 people involved immunity what motivation does anyone have to tell the truth?

30) Have you ever heard of people given immunity refusing to testify since the whole purpose of immunity is to compel testimony? Wouldn’t normally refusing to testify and claiming the 5th amendment invalidating their immunity agreement? Why would it not do so here with Hillary?

31) If Hillary’s deleted email was about her daughters wedding and yoga classes why did she have them bitscrubbed with professional anti-espionage software? Why did 5 employees of her server firm need immunity for deleting yoga emails?

32) Should a state department employee or any federal employee or even state employee be required to archive and NOT delete any emails they produce or receive on email addresses related to their work? It is in fact the law to archive all email, so why would she use a private server whose sole purpose would be to be able to delete emails? Why did she have all 13 of her blackberries smashed to smithereens with hammers so that no forensics could be performed on them?

33) The FBI director said Hillary’s lies did not rise to the level of prosecutable level although he didn’t believe she really just forgot. Given that many other Americans have been jailed for the same actions is it okay that Hillary got off? If any of the 5 people who got immunity had been prosecuted and jailed would that have affected your willingness to vote for Hillary?

34) How is it possible that Hillary had 100 meetings with contributors to her foundation at the same time that these individuals or governments had business with the state department and that NONE of these meetings involved quid quo pro? Do you believe anyone can be neutral when given massive contributions on state department activities?

35) Do you think think that Hillary and Bill benefited from their charity either with the fact that all their travel was paid for first class by the charity or that somehow the Clinton’s would gain benefit from the contributions indirectly eventually possibly after they left public office?

36) Does it bother you that Hillary’s emails acknowledge that making George Soros who gave $6 million dollars to her campaign is legitimate quid quo pro for campaign contributions? Does it bother you that Hillary raised 5 times as much as Trump literally a billion and a half dollars to run a presidential campaign she lost?

37) Do you think that hacking the polls during the election by using unrealistic demographic adjustments like Podesta suggested in emails to media pollsters is acceptable? If the republican administration next election hacks the polls to give Trump a huge advantage is that an attack on Democracy or just fair play?

38) Does it bother you that in 8 months of accusation that Trump colluded with the Russians and given that we know that massive surveillance of Trump associates happened how could it be that we don’t know of any actual act or communication that can be shown as collusion or even the hint of collusion? Don’t they know this? What investigation is needed? If they were investigating they must have some evidence right? What is it? Why has it taken 8 months and we still have nothing?

39) Do you actually believe that Donald Trump conspired with Putin to gain electoral advantage and essentially became a stooge of Putin?

40) Do you believe that democrats are irrationally hateful to Donald Trump?

41) Do you believe that there is anything that democrats will actually work with Donald Trump?

42) Do you believe Donald Trump will be impeached soon? What will be the charge? Is it something he has already done or something in the future? Or is any actual deed needed to impeach him?

43) Did 1) Comey win the election for Trump, 2) the Russians, 3) the electoral college biased for republicans and not democratic, 4) that the press wasn’t sufficiently aggressive in attacking Trump, 5) that racist white supremacist deplorable Republicans defeated Hillary, that white women lost it for Hillary? Did Hillary do anything wrong in the election such as 6) not go to certain states to campaign or 7) statements she made about the middle class or that 8) her message did not address people’s concerns? 9) Was Hillary a good campaigner? 10) Did Obama support Hillary enough?

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