In other words, predictions of extreme weather and sea level rise are right on the money.
Heartland’s “Six Reasons To Be A Climate-Change Skeptic” Are Six Demonstrable Falsehoods
Ethan Siegel

Actually, sea levels aren’t accelerating. They keep hoping it will but it is stuck at 8" a century like the last 2 centuries.

If you believe storm data is up 3 mph in wind when we couldn’t even measure wind speed reliably a couple dozen years ago I can sell you a bridge.

Even if you believe the 3mph you have to understand that our ability to mitigate storm damage is so awesome that we have cut deaths from storms by 99% in the last 110 years. In the next 70 we will cut deaths to zero.

There is NO reason to believe storms will get worse and 70 years of observations certainly don’t indicate any noticeable increase but if storms were to increase it’s not worth spending $20 trillion to mitigate storms that cause no damage or death.

I just published an article coincidentally showing sea level acceleration in the last 10 years like the 3mph storm increase is nothing more than experimenter bias. There can be no scientific basis for saying they are increasing.

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