I think Brother Don needs to get a decent night’s sleep, because he’s acting paranoid and crazy and he’s about to drive this 240-year-old democracy over a cliff.
What Barack Obama Is Thinking Now
Allan Ishac

Allan, have you been convicted yet from the child molestation charges?

I know the IRS is still working on last years audit. You should get it soon. What will you owe for your bogus business deductions?

We have your emails. They are going to be released soon. Hope you are ready. It’s going to be fun.

Thanks for your insightful analysis of everything nobody gives a shit about. What a moron you are. Do you actually think these stupid thoughts? You are thinking about what’s in a gift?

Democrats think anything that insults Donald trump is funny. This article I wrote above is hilarious. Insulting you and accusing you of things is fun, Allan. I think we should all send you hate letters. It’s fun to get your head held aloft chopped off and bloodied Kathy Griffin style and people laugh about your death. Should we do that for you? Just to get a few laughs, moron?

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