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By the way you may be interested in looking up video footage of Hillary and Bill Clinton lambasting Mexican illegal immigration prior to 2000. In speech after speech they talked about the frightful Mexican immigration and how we had to put up border walls and stop the criminal Mexicans and the illegals. I’m not joking. Alex Jones has video you won’t believe that shows the Clintons saying all the “hateful” things that Trunp is supposed to say. That illegals should be sent back. They said it back between 1996–2003.

Now they’ve seen the light. It is the American way to give all our jobs to new immigrants. To prostrate ourselves to $1 / day laborers and child laborers and to have our Intellectual Property stolen without complaint because it’s good for our elite masters who like to make more profit. That’s the American way.

Americans also it turns out have a constitional amendment I didn’t know about that lets immigrants come to America and get in even if they might endanger us. This is a constitional right to enter the US and there is nothing we can do about it except graciously put up with the extra costs, crime, terrorism or job losses to existing American citizens because that’s democracy and the American way. They didn’t reach me that constitutional amendment when I was in school.

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