You don’t get to be all “Yeah well we lied about those times but the other times we were telling the truth about Russia.”
Washington Post Already Claiming Russiagate Is Still Valid Even If Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker
Caitlin Johnstone

The methodology of the DNC has evolved from Global Warming strategy and Alinsky, Obama’s coach on activism.


When wrong, rewrite the story and CONTINUE ACCUSATIONS : IT IS WORSE THAN EVER.

Accuse everyone who doesn’t believe it as a DENIER

Use a declining voice so you make sure it is clear the intent is to denigrate and insult and that you are superior for pointing out the obvious evil person denying your accusations.

Keep working to get every denier to lose their job, boycott them, deny them any ability to publish anywhere.

When proved wrong, rewrite the story as if you never said that and CONTINUE ACCUSATIONS IT IS WORSE THAN EVER.

Create more fantasy scenarios that need to be investigated. Methane hydrates will destroy the world, oxygen is now the evil substance, …

Do corrupt surveys to show 97% agree with you and claim everyone is a wacko who doesn’t believe your accusations. When survey results don’t meet 97% simply state 98% anyway.

When wrong, rewrite the story and CONTINUE ACCUSATIONS IT IS WORSE THAN EVER.

Stage demonstrations. Scream and yell. Don’t answer any questions just keep yelling.

Have violent demonstrations.

When wrong, rewrite the story and CONTINUE ACCUSATIONS IT IS WORSE THAN EVER.

Even if you lose keep going keep going even if you are at a 100 year low in politics keep going keep pretending like you are right even if everything you said is wrong or makes no sense

That’s what the global warming debate has been for 30 years. They can keep these absurd ideas going forever even as we’ve had 20 years of no temperature change they continue to say:

“It’s worse than ever. The world is teetering on the verge of collapse. There is chaos. It’s extreme.”

It’s amazing how you can see the methods of liberals now repeated in all their fantasies. Donald Trump, Russia Attack, Global Warming, Jeff Sessions, …

The key is personal destruction of individuals without having to use any actual proof or charges or evidence. Keep accusing, never admit being wrong.

Don’t forget the goal. Subvert democracy, subvert free speech, subvert the law, the constitution. Get what you want regardless of anything.

You see using this technique you can claim it is disqualifying to be president if you challenge the election. When you lose then challenge the election everyway you can and forget you ever said it was disqualifying to do so.

They do this on everything. When you say storms are worse then ever and it turns out storms are down 20% simply ignore the data, never admit it or refer to it. Attack the study and try to get the author destroyed. Then say storms are worse than ever.

You see facts don’t matter. Debate not important. Just keep terrorizing everyone.