David Piepgrass

You are falling into the matrix.

There are lots of scientists who would agree with me. That’s not the point.

The points that tell you that you are living in a made up world, that you are living in a filter bubble or the matrix is that

1) there are never contrary stories in these media. They never retract or admit this story is over the line. You get a consistency of view that is extremely improbable given the fractious and political and nascent nature of this science. This is like the 30 of 32 adjustments are all in one direction. It’s incredibly unlikely.

I on the other hand am always reading varied opinion including articles supporting the science. There are articles all the time that cast doubt and confirm what I’m saying. I didn’t make this all up. There are hundreds of articles out there showing sensitivity is in the low 1s not 3. There are scientific articles on how the mantle has lots of fissures they never thought existed. The whole field of El Niño’s and la ninas has come about after Hansen came out. After the ipccs first reports. You just NEVER SEE THEM in the filter bubble. They never allow any contrary article and only articles that scare people.

The problem is I actually understand science. I can see the obvious cracks, assumptions like the ocean they missed.

That leads to the 2nd evidence you live in a matrix filter bubble not the real world where Donald trump did have a chance to win and Hillary lost.

2) They never admit a mistake. This is not the way science operates. As I said. They missed the ocean. This doesn’t take a climate scientist to see. Have you ever read an article about the failures of climate science, ever read an article that admitted they overestimated glacier flow on land glaciers by 900%? Did you ever read that all their predictions about plankton, droughts, floods stoerms aren’t panning out? Did you ever see dr pielkes work on storms in the filter bubble press? Have they ever admitted in the major press that a pause even exists ( even before they fabricated the pause buster data last year)?

Have you ever been in a conversation and ever had them admitting they were wrong or were ever wrong.

The answer is : NO Dave. I’ve read a lot and no. They never do. Even when I confront scientists or the believers they never ever admit to anything wrong. That is pretty solid evidence given that we KNOW they were wrong that they are hiding and deceiving.

3) The filter bubble enforces a neat 100% perfection. It is the closest thing to perfect fascism ever seen. People are forced to write along the accepted lines or their lives are fucked Dave. Haven’t you seen what’s happening to the guy at the NYT? Thousands of people want him dead practically. The force of the left fascists to destroy anyone and anyone’s career who doesn’t obey the filter bubble rules is enormous. You wont be published. You will lose your stature, faced with jail, no grants, no publishing. Your career is destroyed.

These 3 are prima facia evidence that the filter bubble is real, that climate science is a fantasy created by liberals and enforced to keep you in line and believing their tripe. Do we have such enforcement for newtons three laws of motion? Who the hell cares? Why is this so important to enforce this narrative?

I’m sorry to tell you that this isn’t the only Fantasies you are being subjected to. The filter bubble told everyone that Hillary had a 13 point lead up until the last few weeks. This was a complete fantasy rigged by many polling agencies connected to media and John podesta. He wrote in wikileaks how the demographics used by the 2012 election would give Hillary an up to 8 point advantage and dispirit trump voters and buoy Hillary voters. Literally a few weeks before the November election a number of polling agencies withdrew and changed their demographics adjustments. Abc news admitted that such adjustments moved Hillary down 8 points effectively meaning that essentially for the entire time of the campaign they had systematically given Hillary an 8 point edge that they concluded was wrong. They decided only in the last 2 weeks that there were more republicans than they thought. That many blacks might not vote as they did in 2012 for obama and other things. They knew these things since the primaries. There was more than enough evidence of all the points. It was clearly a move taken with a few weeks to go so that they wouldn’t look ridiculous giving Hillary a 13 point edge only to see her lose.

You were lied to the entire election. You were played. They did this to you for your own benefit.

What about the Trump attacks during the campaign? Do you believe all the things they said? The stock market would plunge on his victory, the nations of the world would reject him. He would be interning all immigrants legal or illegal, that Donald trump is driven by white supremacists. Where are the white supremacists? Have you noticed they never name any white supremacists by name? They never refer to anything these white supremacists have done? Every incident that is claimed to be a white supremacist turns out to be a hate crime by a Hillary supporter pretending to be a Donald suppprter. It’s true. This whole thing got to the insane level when a&e network tried to do a documentary on white supremacists. They couldnt find any so they hired some actors, wrote some lines and tried to stage it. When people found out they were creating this out of whole cloth they had to cancel it.

I am willing to believe like the global warming that it is plausible there are white supremacists. I find it hard to believe there aren’t some somewhere. I fully admit there were such people in the 70s especially in the Democratic Party which was the home to racism for 100 years. So I was ready to believe the worst but time after time as I saw they never had any people named, no statements, no acts, no evidence I started to doubt that there were many of these people left. After all the frauds and the A&e documentary I am convinced the whole thing is another fantasy of liberals like the Hillary polls; the climate warming, the Russia collusion and all the attacks that Donald was a Hitler, … its all lies and fantasy. You live in a completely made up world of complete fantasies. The globe is getting super hot. The past was super cold. Everything is getting more extreme. Trump is worse than Hitler. The white supremacists are coming to get people. Trump worked with putin to win the election.

It’s so crazy all of it Dave. You are being treated like a stupid cog. You are being manipulated. I know it is hard to accept. I’m just saying that logic and probabilities will lead you to realize it’s not possible. These things they tell you they are not possible.

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