John, i have my own issues with US immigration policies, but most of your assertions here are flat…
David Cearley

David, I would like to see any evidence of this.

You have to have a social security number, a drivers license to do these things. If you have a company you have to file papers. They ask all kinds of questions about the legal status of you and identity as well as of your employees. Every minute you would be at risk of being found out if you faked these things. I would find it hard to believe.

I know a lot of people in Silicon Valley. We pay a lot for everyone to get green cards and to be legal and you are always asked about your legal status. I really doubt there is any significant percentage of people here who are here illegally except for south of the border.

There are also statistics I’ve seen of people in federal prison. 15% of people in federal prison are mexican illegals and 10% of federal prisoners are from Central America. I have never heard of any significant number of criminals or illegals from these other countries. I don’t know any. I work with thousands from Southeast Asia over the years and I’ve never heard any story of anyone not even one who had issues with their immigration status.

Can you provide any backup for this?

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