Do liberals have brains or are they all just robots?

I am convinced we are all watching a westworld episode when you turn on CNN

This morning CNN goes from a report on how the bomber couldn’t have made the bomb that killed the girls in Manchester to “Update on Russia.” While the reporter talks about investigation will talk to several people today it shows two pictures of General Flynn on the screen. One photo looks like he is on his way to jail, looking dour and unhappy. Then they flip to another showing him with a V sign and 2 fingers.

The clear propaganda being produced here is that Flynn must be a criminal and his crime is connected to his arranging somehow the victory of Donald Trump.

This simple 10 second blurb is so filled with propaganda to program the mind it is amazing.

Just imagine for a second that Flynn is actually innocent. (Which I hesitate to point out, he is. He has not been either charged with a crime or convicted of any crime, nobody has ever testified that he ever talked to a Russian about Trump or the campaign or any help Russia could give. Not that that is a charge anyway. ) But since liberals have already turned him into a white supremacist, racist, Hitlerian, mean, evil, satanist (did I miss something?) I realize it is hard to imagine he is innocent but let’s try.

Here is Wikipedia’s resume for Flynn:

Flynn served as the assistant chief of staff, G2, XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, from June 2001 and the director of intelligence at the Joint Task Force 180 in Afghanistan until July 2002. He commanded the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade from June 2002 to June 2004[4] and was the director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command from July 2004 to June 2007, with service in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) and the Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom). He served as the director of intelligence of the United States Central Command from June 2007 to July 2008, as the director of intelligence of the Joint Staff from July 2008 to June 2009, then the director of intelligence of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan from June 2009 to October 2010.[4][17]

Wow. He’s that bad?

What does that mean? It means the liberals are railroading an innocent person. Our society is supposed to give people the assumption of innocence and when there is a preponderance of evidence of guilt it is proper that people might convict someone in their minds but in the case of Flynn we don’t have any evidence at all. We have accusations.

Yet accusations have turned into suspicion, turned into need to investigate, to he is so guilty he could be bribed, he is a criminal, he worked for Trump campaign, he talked to Russians for years. He must be coordinating the Putin Hillary attack plan. Now all we have to do is keep investigating till we uncover the obvious plot. He’s guilty. Why isn’t he in jail already?

At least with Hillary we could say there is a lot of corroborating evidence. She got a server so she could carry on conversations for her scams. She deleted the emails and had them bitscrubbed to avoid turning them over as required both by state department law and federal law and in spite of a subpoena. She had a charity to hide the funds transferred from her deals. The charity was organized as a C corporation making tracking the funds difficult. She had meetings with people who made contributions and had state department business. This is all copiously documented. 5 people were given immunity to prevent them from having to speak about or be convicted related to the scam. This is a real investigation with real crimes and real evidence folks. In fact all the investigators apparently unanimously agreed Hillary was impeachable, ugh I mean should be sent to a grand jury for charges but Comey said: Nah, looks good. I’m sure she’s perfectly innocent.

Even in the beginning we had real evidence of culpability. First, the existence of the server is dangerous from a national security perspective but also violates state department rules. Because of the obvious conflicts of interest and ethical concerns about her charity and work for the state department she had to sign documents that she would disclose all contributions to the charity. She didn’t comply. Even though Hillary and Bill have been involved in scam after scam and investigation after investigation you think they would operate with complete transparency and follow the letter of the law she failed to report numerous transactions repeatedly. She actively solicited and her husband as well governments and individuals for whom the state department had serious business with. People involved for instance in selling 20% of the US national stockpile of uranium to Russia. There is so much evidence of possible collusion and influence peddling it’s almost impossible it didn’t happen. She insists every meeting was conducted with the best interests of the US in mind.

Terrific, but the founders of our constitution didn’t have faith that people could be free from influence so easily so they put in Article I of the constitution that employees of the federal government cannot take money from foreign governments. Was the hundreds of millions in contributions to her charity from foreign governments count? Or the funds received by Bill to do speeches count?

In the meantime we have Flynn who other than speaking to Russians which apparently he had been doing for years we have nothing to corroborate the idea that he ever mentioned Trump to the Russians.

There are no other people, no other connections to the wikileaks investigation. There is nothing there. In fact, the investigation has basically gone into a hunt for anybody who had a conversation with a Russian during this time. This is the definition of a witch hunt. We have things like Grand Juries and we have things like requiring subpoena’s because the idea of people being investigated simply on accusations is not good enough to spy on and hassle people in this country. You have to be able to present a reasonable cause to get the police to be able to do things to you. But when it comes to Russia just talking to someone is evidence of complicity.

In recent polls 68% of democrats think Trump should be impeached and 50% of democrat Americans think the investigation of the Russia / Trump collusion to steal the election from Hillary should be the number one priority of the congress. This is stunning.

Not getting jobs, fixing the collapsing Obamacare, passing tax reform or other needed improvements to boost growth. No, we need to spend every living minute of our expensive congress doing a witch hunt to see if they can find dirt on Trump or any of his evil henchmen by investigating them for 4 years on any made up allegations they can invent.

This is the proof of utter insanity of the democrats. They sit here going on and on about a Russia conspiracy that they actually don’t know if it made a hill of beans difference and if Russia did hack turned out to reveal truth about the Democratic Party. Truth they aren’t interested in talking about. Only the messenger is what they are interested in and getting back at the messenger. Also, if there is any chance to find a Trump connection in this pile of mess then let’s keep investigating. Sooner or later we will come up with something to get him with.

If only they had been this thorough with Obama. It turns out he and/or his administration is now provably guilty of hundreds of FISA court felonies and privacy violations. The investigation keeps backfiring. Shooting dems in the face with crimes they’ve done in their insane effort to get Trump they’ve been committing crime after crime through the election and now.

What is the charge?

There is no charge. Is Flynn the mastermind of the plot with Putin? Flynn never talked to Putin. He only talked to Kisleyev. Okay, the deal could have been worked through Kisleyev. Flynn didn’t receive funds from Russia I believe. The registration and work he did was for Turkey not Russia. There is a report that Russians thought that Flynn could be helpful to influence Trump. Maybe, but is that a crime? Is it even bad?

Obama had no problem trying to influence the Israeli election or the BREXIT vote. He had no problem making threats to Britain. He had no problems killing Khaddafi and trying to kill Assad. Since when is talking to someone to influence them become a crime no matter what you talk about?

Well, apparently the investigation of Flynn isn’t going anywhere so they have turned to Jared Kuchner. Apparently he met with a Russian. This is very meaty because he is a Trump relative. Nailing him would be about as good as getting Chelsea Clinton for the email scandal. Evidence against Jared? He had a meeting.

What are the charges against Flynn? None. Against anybody? None.

In fact, there couldn’t be because there are no statutes that prohibit any of this unlike the Hillary crimes. Nothing that anybody could have done even if they did it is a crime here. You can have conversations with foreigners, discuss politics and future behavior, you can be a consultant and get money, you just can’t do that and be a federal employee. You can even negotiate release of emails and apparently you can threaten other countries if they do things democratically (Obama and Britain.)

What actual evidence is there?

Clapper: National Intelligence director: No evidence of any collusion

Brennan, CIA director: No evidence of any collusion

Comey: FBI Director: No evidence of any collusion

Feinstein: Intelligence committee: No evidence of any collusion

Pelosi: Minority Leader of Senate: No evidence of any collusion

One year into the investigation. 3,000 names uncovered, 200+ FISA 4rth amendment violations committed by Obama Administration conversations of all levels of Trump officials observed during the campaign: NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION.

Not even no evidence of collusion. No evidence of attempts to collude or of even discussions of the election, of discussions of Trump. Do you think if any of the conversations said anything remotely that could be interpreted as being something about the election they wouldn’t have leaked it already?

Clapper says there was a lot of smoke. Brennan says there were things that looked like Trump officials could be suborned, i.e. They could be bribed. Couldn’t anybody be bribed? If it is virtually a crime to even talk to a Russian which nobody thought was a crime 2 years ago they probably wouldn’t have talked to Russians but the Trump campaign and anybody in Washington or involved in politics will end up talking to lots of foreigners because everybody wants to know the levers of power.

What does it mean people who could be suborned?

Brennan insinuated that he had seen people suborned or seduced into acting in foreign countries interests and Sally Yates said that Flynn could be extorted. This is a General of the United States who has worked in Intelligence for decade. Do you think he has a clue that Russians or others might do things like that? Brennan is effectively claiming: I was looking out for them to find if the Russians or others were putting them in a position to be suborned. How nice.

Brennan suspected this. He didn’t have any evidence of any such suborning or that Trump officials had this proclivity. Was he also looking at Obama officials? Who was he protecting by providing this nice service of spying on your communications? This isn’t part of the FISA court list of acceptable reasons to spy. He/She might be seduced by the dark side so I spy. People meet all the time with officials of all kinds of governments around the world. Brennan’s obsession with following Trump officials reeks of spying and excuse for spying.

If someone said: I watched and followed your daughter all day because I was worried she’d get into trouble. Really? I would suspect more likely he’s a stalking pervert. That’s what Brennan was doing. It makes no sense. This is not what this whole mechanism of spying we’ve put in place is for to spy on your campaign foes. It’s for terrorism and Russians aren’t even remotely involved in terrorism except to kill terrorists. Russians care too much for their lives like Americans and Europeans to sacrifice their lives for religious causes. So, there is no legitimate terrorist excuse to be spying on all these Russians and Americans.

Who was it that talked to Russians?

Flynn, Sessions, Jared Kuchner, Carter Page. Flynn we talked about. Sessions met in private with Kisleyev once privately and says they didn’t talk about the campaign. This meeting happened during the time a known investigation of the campaign allegation was already underway so sessions couldn’t have instigated it. Sessions met with 25 foreign ambassadors during the months leading up to the election. Carter page was Trumps foreign policy advisor. How suspicious is it for him to talk to Russia?

There is a bigger problem

Let’s get one thing straight. Putin hated Hillary. I am not sure of all the reasons but among them could be:

  • Hillary criticized the election of Putin
  • Obama tried to interfere in the election of Putin
  • Obama sent aid to Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers
  • Obama and Hillary criticized Russia constantly

We also know that Putin preferred Trump. So, what we have is not an attack on democracy. It is a foreign power that prefers one candidate over another and did something about it.

Obama and Hillary did this all the time. Obama even threatened Britain with sanctions if it voted for BREXIT. How is what Putin did outside the range of that? He did not threaten any american or democracy. He simply released the true emails of people. Communications which democrats think is perfectly okay to spy upon in the privacy of the White House just not release to the public unless it is a Republican caught with their pants down. If it release of democrats emails or transgressions then it is an attack on “DEMOCRACY.” Yeah, right.

It is not illegal to talk to people. It is not illegal in general to even discuss strategies and what might happen. Even if Trump could have said:

“You know guys: If you can get some emails from DNC, go ahead release them. I will do some good stuff for you.”

Trump didn’t need to do that. Putin already hated Clinton. Trump didn’t have to do or say anything and Putin would do this. Putin hated her.

There is an even bigger problem with this investigation:

Releasing true emails is a gift to democracy. Democracy is enabled by truth. Truth is a critical need in democracy and Putin apparently released truth. One can argue it should have been both sides but truth is truth. It has not been shown by anybody that releasing this truth impacted the results of the election.

Putin did us a gift.

There is an even bigger problem with this investigation:

Russians are not an enemy of the US.

Over the entire discussion about this one critical ultra critical point has not been made. This is ultra important for everyone to understand.


Of course this isn’t true literally. I am sure some spies and other domestic murders and this or that has happened. What I mean is that as a matter of state business the Russians have never murdered US citizens unlike, for instance, Muslim terrorists, Koreans, Afghani’s, Iraqi’s, Saudi’s and numerous other countries. To be fair we were at war with many of these countries.

We did send arms under Obama to Ukraine which were absolutely used to kill Russians and caused great harm to Russians. You may argue that this was justified by protecting Ukraine nonetheless we did indirectly cause the death and great expense of Russians. They have not reciprocated although I am sure Putin is pissed about that.

Today, Democrats use the word Russia as if it was a swear word, as if it was an instant accusation of crime. You cannot speak or talk to a Russian without assuming you are also a nefarious person. It’s insane.

Russia has done nothing to hurt America. We keep doing things to harm them because we believe they are doing bad things to others but Russia itself has not attacked America in any way. Releasing true emails is a gift to America in my mind but if you call that an attack it is pretty meager attack compared to Obama executing Khaddafi and destabilizing 4 or 5 countries in the Middle East.

Is Russia our enemy? They can be if we want them to be. Democrats seem to want that badly. They don’t want Trump cooperating with them in any way. They want Trump to assume Russia is out to destroy America. They don’t want Trump telling Russians about a possible ISIS laptop bomb threat because they might kill Israeli’s. They aren’t at war with Israel either and half the people in Israel are Russian. Why would they do that? Russia hates extremist Muslims as much as anyone. Why shouldn’t Trump tell them stuff to ask them to help? Why is that in any way bad?

This demonizing Russia is incredible. It is also incredibly dangerous. Russia has 3,000 nuclear weapons. We spent the majority of the last century fighting and then trying not to fight the Russians and trying to be friends. We won. They aren’t enemies.

Russians are generally smart people who are interested in their own benefit as every other country in the world is. There is enormous potential for Russia to be more of a strategic partner of the US than there is for them to be an enemy. It makes no sense to make them an enemy. It has no benefit. It will not stop cyberhacking which we do on everyone too by the way. It will not stop wikileaks to destroy Russia if you want to kill Assange.

Besides all these arguments which are important there are dozens of other points which are left unsaid:

  • The emails have not been demonstrated to have affected the election
  • Hillary Clinton was still the evil criminal regardless of wikileaks and we knew that
  • Hillary Clinton still ran a terrible campaign even with huge advantages
  • The middle class was disenfranchised by the democrats
  • Blacks were worse off under Obama
  • Identity politics is wrong and evil

The Russia conspiracy filter bubble mega-fantasy big-lie the democrats have done

In this big-lie we see evidence of the other democrat big-lies that they have promulgated.

  • Turning the enemy into evil by accusation
  • Constant never ending allegations
  • Constant spinning of fantasy scenarios and possible horrible things
  • Escalation and calling it the end of the world, the worst ever
  • Accusing people who argue there is no evidence of being deniers.
  • Taking down individuals ruthlessly without charges but accusations and allegations, destroying their careers, painting them with negative assumptions of guilt although none has been proven
  • Never discuss the evidence against
  • Never admit any problem with the theory

What am I talking about?

Trump himself

Global Warming

Russia Conspiracy

Jeff Sessions


Alt-Right Media

The liberals don’t engage in debate anymore. They have adopted the methods of Alinsky. Take down. It is mcarthyism. They have adopted it lock stock and barrel.

Soros and DNC is funding massive violent demonstrations this summer using Alinsky methodology. July 2nd they plan to riot all across america to demonstrate how people hate Trump. They don’t plan to use rational debate. They want to initimidate and accuse and talk down to everyone that they must turn around the election of a democracy by force.

The problem is it isn’t working. They lost the election. They haven’t impeached Trump. Sessions is AG. Republicans are in the most power they’ve had in 90 years and Global Warming theory is in last place of priority. This Alinsky methodology isn’t working to win.

I predict this summer of demonstrations will happen but will fizzle when democrats realize it isn’t working.

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