Agreed. The original author does not understand the racism that people of color are dealing with…
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Do you look at your post? It’s filled with brown black bla bla bla. I never talk, never think, never ever make a decision based on someone’s race and don’t know of anybody that has. I never ever talk about race and never does trump. You people invent these things. You ascribe accusations of racism to get some kind of sympathy or something.

How did obama get to be president 2 times if this country is so racist? I thought one advantage of obama being president is at least nobody would accuse the us of being racist but it’s worse now. People did not accuse everyone of being a racist before obama. This identity language and privilege language has come after obama. The racial division is worse now. More riots more violence. He made it worse. Blacks are worse off now that before obama. Even education which obama spent billions on has left blacks and america worse off educationally. We’ve fallen 10 places in national rankings around the world.

When the BLM events happened I believed like everyone else that cops must be racist. The videos and the evidence seemed to show racism but as I looked into it more it became apparent these cops weren’t being convicted even with black juries and black judges. Then a black economist from Harvard did a study and he concluded to his own shock he admitted cops didn’t have some obvious bias. He said that white cops pulled their gun 20% less on blacks than other races. Then I listened to the tapes carefully. I noticed that the cops seemed upset by the incidents and they didn’t talk like racists, they engaged with their victims like regular people. There was no accusations that these cops had ever shown racist tendencies before. If someone was a racist don’t you think people would know? There would be evidence of prior talks, behavior that showed it.

All of this accusation is horrific. You are accusing people of horrible things. You might as well call them child molesters. You can’t swing this term racist around so easily. You should have data, facts to back up such charges. You are accusing people of terrible things. That’s evil. You can damage peoples lives. Stop accusing people of things you don’t know. This idea you can go around calling everyone a racist is shit. It’s not helping anyone or anything and creating an atmosphere of racism and division that hurts.

What you have to realize is it is incredibly easy to feel like a victim. Everybody feels like a victim that things were done to you because of something they might not like. Even if it is true it is true of everyone. To be provable you need to provide evidence of bias in the form of statistics. Even then you have to look at conflating factors.

Look if america is so racist how come black Africans are the highest paid immigrants? How come Asians make 20% more than whites? Don’t avoid this question. I have found in discussions people overlook this point. They refuse to explain how if there is such racism that so many blacks do so well in America and how different demographics of blacks and other minorities do extremely well.

Are you seriously worried about some retarded white guy who yells a slur is actually harming you?

Also there was some guy who responded to you to suggest republican policies were designed to be racist. What a typical Democratic hate speech piece of crap that is. The democrats spend a whole election calling republicans deplorables. At least you pointed out everyone is racist to some extent. This attacking republicans like that is typical hate speech of democrats.

Do you realize that if blacks vote 99% for democrats every election sooner or later republicans will do what your friend suggested and start trying to finagle laws to hurt blacks. Since you align yourselves against republicans as enemies why shouldn’t republicans align themselves against blacks not because your black but because you’re against us. You should decide if it’s in your interest to be so anti a party or if this is something democrats tell you to get you to vote 99% for them and it actually hurts you to just write off republicans. Why don’t you join the party that’s trying to fix the country instead of the party that is simply spouting hatred to the other party and accusing them of evil constantly.

How could republicans be so evil? We have a constitution. There are laws. Trunp has been elected. Have blacks been quarenteened? What is the unspeakable evil against blacks he’s done that obama didn’t do? I notice the Black Death rate in Chicago is down. Does that make any difference? Or are you just a party hack like your friend.

If you look at results you will find blacks have done good under republicans. Democrats haven’t done any better for you because if the economy does better everyone does better. If trump gets the economy zooming blacks will do better than anyone because they are down the most. Unemployment for blacks under obama has been huge. Do you care about that or are you too busy screaming about how trump is evil racist to notice if anything like that matters?

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