Does the pope understand foreign policy and what the US believes?

It is not normal for a pope to discuss and criticize the west especially about foreign policy. While the pope spends a lot of time thinking about issues of faith and how to run a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation that performs a myriad of functions in the world he does not understand how Americans think or really understand world politics.

He says that the connections of America-Russia, Russia-Syria, China-N Korea are sick and bad alliances. He says that these are troubling.

Yeah, at least he’s on the same page that there are problems in the world. However, what is he suggesting? What is he saying we should do? This is an odd perspective of a pope. Popes usually just talk about peace. We expect a pope to utter pablum about peace and to keep quiet about politics.

The pope’s complaint is that the west is wrong and that we will do less to help refugees and that is bad.

1) The Pope needs to take some muslim refugees into the Vatican to demonstrate he isn’t full of shit.

2) The pope is naive about the causes of the refugee crisis and the solutions. Even Bill Gates admitted Europe is threatened by massive uncontrolled immigration from the rest of the world as are we.

We must stop the cause of the refugees not simply allow half the world to move to the west. We need to work more and the pope needs to work more to discredit the reasons these people leave and to help those countries. We can’t accept half the world. We need to work to stop the reason so many people are moving. That’s where our and the pope’s attention needs to be focused.

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