more like earth would be Mars solar system twin. Or maybe Venus.
Stephen Corsaro

My point exactly is that if you compare if the Islamics got a bunch of nukes what would happen vs what Russia has done.

Russia is a rational player. They don’t kill Americans. They don’t throw nukes around even though they have them.

I don’t know about these islamics. They are religious crazy. They make decisions based on irrational basis. They do things reminiscent of the 8th century AD. They don’t seem to have limits. They are a million times more dangerous than the Russians. Assad actually uses chemical weapons on his people ( or somebody is.)

When you consider this it is easy to see your priorities. The same thing happened with Hitler in WWII. We were talking existential threat. We were talking the end of democracy not that we didn’t like the dictator of the moment. There is a huge difference and we must stop one at all costs. Russia is simply not in the same league with terrorism.

Our foreign policy was never like this. We always acted strategically. Maybe Trump doesn’t explain it well but we have to operate focused or we will never get anything done and have 8 more years of disaster.

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