Let Me Point out to you How Ridiculous the Trump Tech Meeting Was
Mark Suster

First it was Donald trump was a joke candidate.

Then he was never going to make it as the nominee.

Then he couldn’t possibly be president.

Then even if he was president he might not take the job.

He was racist. Sexist. Xenophobic. White Supremacist. (Yet his kids and everyone who knows him says this is absolutely not true)

He was not going to penetrate the blue wall of rock solid states that were democratic

That he didn’t have presidential temperament

That Trump has an idiot

He couldn’t save Carrier jobs without a magic wand ( obama )

Trump wasn’t conservative

Trump was going to lead to a massive stock market fall

Trump was going to create massive wars

The world wouldn’t accept Trump

That he raped women

That Trump would get 0% of the black or Hispanic vote

That no woman would vote for him

He had no idea what he was doing

That he would create a Muslim registry

That he would create internment camps

That he would use the presidency to become even richer mainly

That he didn’t care about black people’s future or Hispanic people’s future, only white people

— — — — — —

Everything you said was wrong or a lie.

He outwitted and outfoxed you. He outplayed democrats who spent 10 times as much as him ( including the incredible collusion with the MSM media ) and won even though you carried California and New York by massive numbers.

He outwitted Ryan and Romney and other republicans who thought he would lose because they had zero connection to the actual electorate like dems.

You were certain you’d pick up votes in those 3 states you thought you had but you actually LOST votes.

You said he was undemocratic for not accepting the results of the election only to find yourselves trying every trick you can to steal the election from him and thrust the country into a constitutional crisis if you can.

— — here is the the bottom line — — -

Yet you feel like anybody would listen for 2 seconds to what you think about anything regarding trump?

Don’t you think it’s time to take a step back and before you jump to criticize at least think for 2 seconds if you are making the same mistake you’ve made for a year or more because you must realize that your continued criticism looks awfully pathetic now. Nobody is listening except for other demented democrats. You need to shut up about criticizing trump every day because you look like idiots just reaching and reaching. You’ve already lost so much credibility.

Try to listen to what he’s trying to do. Yeah it’s not what Obama or maybe what any other president has done. Guess what. So what? You “liberals” actually sound like the most “reactionary” party in history.

No change on our policies to Russia or how we do or say anything. I am sure things president Donald will do will be counter to your beliefs but can you wait till he actually gets in office and something goes actually wrong before criticizing?

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