So, an entire field of science is perpetrating a “hoax” on the rest of the world.
Kenneth R Evans

First, it’s a lot more than an entire field of science. It’s a media bubble.

I wouldn’t call it Hoax as much as scam. You are in the filter bubble. You only see news which confirms your view. You don’t read anything which shows the failures of this field or the things that are counter to the media reported. Thus you see nothing about John Bates whistle blowing the fabricated results of NOAA.

Here, I’ll give you some data : 5, 7, 10, 12, 15. There, it’s replicable data. What does the data mean? Nothing. Exactly what the NOAA data meant. Sure it was replicable. I don’t know if you know any actual science but let me broach the subject slightly.

The NOAA and climate community has been avoiding the use of satellites for the last 15 years ever since they noticed the satellites were showing far less warming than the computer models. CliMATE sciologists also found their newly deployed ARGO buoys which for the first time in history measure 3,000 randomly floating buoys which descend to 1,000 meters in depth and come back up telling us data we have never had before were NOT reporting significantly higher temperatures. Although they did show a rising temperature below 100 meters in depth.

After nearly 20 years of NO rising temperatures and 50 explanations why CO2 was not producing the ever growing warming they expected in computer models the climate scientists were faced with a major adjustment to the theory to drastically reduce the effect of CO2 and admit they grossly overestimated the impact.

What they did was to ignore the satellites and finally the buoys and use thermostats placed irregularly over the surface of the earth and adjusted them using various algorithms. They played with these adjustments a lot finding ways to turn the 30s and 40s which were the hottest in the record books into cold decades. The dust storms of the 30s and 40s never happened. The ships crossing the northern passage never happened. 2000 and 2010 were the hottest decades by far. Wow.

The new data that the “sciologists” went to Paris with was data from thermometers using a “homogenizing algorithm” that spread the warmth over the planet. They realized they could take the algorithm and apply it to the oceans but the data on the ocean didn’t show warming. So, they took the data that they had previously been happy to get rid of which was from buckets captains threw over the bows of ships to collect water and measure with a thermometer. Depending on how deep the bucket went or what the bucket was made of the temperature of the water would vary a lot hey they were able to adjust this data to make it look warmer which they couldn’t for the ARGO data.

Ships only traverse certain paths unlike the ARGO buoys which measured like the satellites the temperatures more uniformly.

They now came up with another idea. Oceans don’t move much in temperature so they decided they would estimate the temperature over the water. No buoys or captains measured this temperature but hey creativity has no bounds. Let’s guess the temperature over 70% of the world’s surface from the small signal in the ocean bucket data and spread that using a modified enhanced homogenization algorithm. The sparsity of the data was similar to land data. The algorithm suitably improved could do it.

Unfortunately, when they went to Paris the algorithm for taking this 3rd tier data of questionable quality and smoothing it produced different results depending on which data you fed it. Slightly different data produced wildly different temperatures. If you took the data and applied the algorithm across a city over a week it would show a historical variation in the city of 2 degrees C depending on the days temperature. A graph of a cities historical data depending on todays data enormously according to this theory.

Climate sciologists don’t really care about history. History is to be manipulated to confirm the theory of global warming. It has always been so since the original hockey stick scandal. Use of bad algorithms there were a significant reason for the hockey stick embarrassment. Also selective data. Climate scientists were back to their old tricks of the 80s repeating the scam. This time it didn’t take even a retired scientist in Canada mulling over data to discover the scam. John Bates was the man in charge of quality at NOAA. He wrote the processes and definitions of quality.

The NOAA went to Paris without ever giving the data to John. They never asked for his approval. They rushed out and ignored the instability in their algorithm and called it the “Pause-buster” data. It enabled them to pitch to the politicians in Paris that temperatures were soaring like their climate models showed.

They got funding for their science and everything was good. Obama genuflected at the brilliance of their work. Obama sent 500 million to poor countries to help them get away from oil instead of helping midwesterners get jobs.

Yes, it is a scam, and Fake News produced by a filter bubble. You never read this stuff in the regular MSM press. They never hardly mentioned the problem of the pause. They kept saying “It’s the worst ever. Our predictions are better than ever” even as they were running around coming up with the 50 reasons why it wasn’t getting warmer even though we were pouring CO2 into the atmosphere faster than they had even anticipated.

You read articles all the time that talk ominously about all kinds of things related to this. You never read what many scientists are writing which is that there are problems with the science. The models are terrible at predicting anything. I remember the climate model leader from LLNL in a class on Global warming telling us that “The models are wrong. They don’t predict anything well.” When the class looked at him in stupefied disbelief that he would say that he repeated. “Yes, the models are wrong and don’t predict anything well.” He said in fact none of the models could be shown to work any better than any of the other models. You could never predict which model would produce the best fit to the temperature or anything. The models had to be adjusted every year to prevent them from spiraling into ridiculous results. He said that they put dampers in the models to prevent them from saying the earth would get to -200 in some places and +200 in others.

When the PDO and AMO became clear and 500 years of data confirmed a cycle of up and down temperatures corresponding to EL Nino and La Niña frequency they had no explanation. Nothing in the models could reflect this. They had no idea. When they discovered a huge growing heat in the mid ocean at depths they couldn’t explain it. When they discovered that aerosols produce much less cooling they ignored it. When data came out that showed the MWP and LIA were global not regional they ignored it. They offered no explanation how the MIA or MWP could happen nor how regions of the Earth could be warmer or cooler for centuries. They have no explanation for why temperatures rose from 1910–1940 at the rate they did. They have no explanation anymore for why temperatures feel between 1940–1970. So, they adjusted the fall out even though at the time SciAm was publishing stories we were heading into another ice age.

They never report all the predictions they were wrong on. They said storms would get stronger, there would be more droughts, more floods. There aren’t. They said the polar bears would suffer, that snow would stop and ski seasons end. This is the greatest ski season in Europe ever. Nothing they predicted has come to pass. All the thousands and thousands of article published in the filter bubble, every one is false. Yet the science community ignores it and the press ignores massive failure after massive failure. Scandal after scandal dismissed ignored.

We have the most incredible delusion in scientific history. Promulgated by a filter bubble and people who enforce political correctness.

We are heading down a dangerous road by trying to purposely distort reality and to lie to ourselves. There will be great pain from all this. Science will suffer. It is suffering. More and more people are skeptical and realize science is a business and scientists push science where the money is. For climate it is the major billions and billions of grant funding, the billions in Wall Street startups with the newest climate toy. It is investors making billions from a scam.

That is the motivation and the political correctness filter bubble. We have to get back to truth. We are in a massive global warming bubble but not the real kind, the kind of 2008 housing bubble type bubble.

Like in that period the incentives are to keep the bubble alive. Everyone said the housing market could never fail. Just like you say all these people can’t be lying to us. They are. It is a hoax. There is some warming but we don’t know what the reason is entirely. It is a lot less CO2 than we thought.

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