And yes, I do see Fox at least as largely a propaganda tool, certainly no better than any MSM outlet.
Well, we’re not going to agree on this so I propose agreeing to disagree.
Paul Greblo

Harvard disagrees. Fox News by Harvards analysis was 52% biased meaning almost exactly perfectly biased in each direction.

The MSM were up to 98% biased meaning everything they wrote was propaganda and lies. They literally are pure propaganda. Even Harvard agrees. If you listen to these media you are listening to nothing but lies. If you like to be lied to that is great. However, don’t say they are the same. They aren’t.

This is easily shown factually. These media said so many times that Donald was hitler, was going to lose, laughed at him, called his election over and done, accused him of crimes later proven to be false. They did everything to discredit Trump and any denial by you is pointless. Look at the election. People did not believe them. Otherwise Trump would have lost. The MSM told us Trump was finished, that he was a crook, a philanderer, a racist, white supremacist, rapist, was incompetent, mentally insane, a dictator. Who would vote for someone if they believed these things at all? Nobody. Therefore, all their lies turned out to be useless. NOBODY BELIEVES THEIR PROPOGANDA except the pathetic morons who listen to that media who were always going to vote for Hillary no matter what they said. In other words they didn’t change a single vote with all their propoganda because people are smart and we all know they are propaganda and everything they say is lies. Don’t fool yourself. People are smart. We see your and the media’s lies. We see Antifa saying they want to destroy america. We see BLM wielding clubs and inciting violence. We see what you are doing. You can lie ALL you want in your media and convince yourselves you are right till you are blue in the face but you won’t be right. You will lose and lose because people are smarter than you think, much smarter than you that’s for sure.

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