Just because the DNC asshats got caught with their pants down and their privates in the proverbial…
Ron Allen

I actually laud your attack on trolls and bots. I seriously doubt there is any “right wing conspiracy” more significant than liberal bots and trolls. So accusing conservatives of this tactic without admitting you do it too is a bit suspect, like accusing Russia of hacking when we do it even better than them. Sure, let’s stop all the hacking, us first?

Or is it the releasing the hacking to the public that is a crime?

In that case hacking Flynn should be a crime as well as the 200 + times Brennan admitted they hacked US citizens without getting a FISA warrant spying on the Trump campaign.

Brennan said requests for unmasking were routinely done by lower level functionaries and he wasn’t aware of any that were turned down. Who knows how many times they spied and why?

Who are these lower level functionaries that can approve spying on US citizens anytime somebody wants and why aren’t they testifying on what they saw and why?

What the hell happened to the 4rth amendment in the Obama administration?

You rightly point out delaying the Supreme Court nominee was dirty. Not criminal and its been done before but I seriously doubt democrats wouldn’t have done the same thing.

68% of democrats think Trump should be impeached. There isn’t even a charge! They just want to reverse the election. Such people will do anything. They will spy, they will riot and kill people, they make threats all the time, they yell at people on planes, punch them in the face, shoot them in the leg.

Democrats are INSANE. Admit it. Over a completely fabricated hoped for imagined fantasy of Trump.

There is no story. They have imagined it. They hope it. They just want to keep investigating till they find something they can nail Trump on. They want to spend 4 years investigating.

They don’t want to fix anything for the American people. They’ve become the anti-Americans. They are for unlimited illegal immigration. They are for muslims coming in and attacking us like in Manchester.

Democrats invent utter fantasies. At least with Hillary there was an incredible amount of evidence. This was no fantasy. You and Comey may think she’s innocent but none of the investigators thought so and if she was so innocent why have 5 criminals been given immunity to protect her and pleaded the 5th in congress?

Look, you don’t have to seem reasonable. We know the talking points. Trump is a dictator. Trump is evil personified.

Nothing can be done that is more evil than Trump therefore democrats can make sure that Google suppresses all news except DNC approved sources and makes sure all results first present DNC answers to searches. That’s legitimate.

Taking down Fox the only media that Harvard said presented a balanced opinion on Trump (50/50) compared to 98% biased of DNC collusion fake media.

The democrats and their media are so biased, so crazed and obsessed on Trump they couldn’t stop talking about Trump and Russia for an hour while Manchester tiny innocent girls were being massacred. Then they said it was probably a Right wing plot to make muslims look bad. The commentator who said that should be fired.

I think you guys seriously overestimate your chances of making any progress with your Russia gate crap and your whole strategy just like you failed in the election.

You think it is about calling Trump a miscreant over and over and eventually people won’t like him. Guess what. We stopped listening to this crap a long time ago. That’s why you lost.

Let me give you a hint. Talking about helping the American people you demonized this election might work better. Why am I telling you how to actually do better? Good question. I better shut up. Yup Trump is horrible. Keep it up guys. Your obsession is shared by 100% of Americans. That’s why you won.

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