The current abuse of the H1B visa program, which allows tech companies to import large numbers of entry-level workers (driving down wages) must be curtailed.
Seems perfectly reasonable to me.
Michael Lancina

I am not 100% sure on that but I agree with your premise in general.

The idea that people can come to america just for any old reason even if they don’t agree with our constitution is wrong.

There is something horribly wrong about Mexico that people refuse to talk about. Why would 30% of its citizens move to America? Could you imagine the reverse situation? 30% of Americans leaving to go to Mexico? We would say something is horribly wrong if that happened.

Mexico gets trillions over the years in benefits from its proximity to the US. Why haven’t they been able to turn that into more opportunity for its people? Why is Mexico still a basket case? Why do 50% of the remaining people in Mexico want to come to the US?

Mexico is a small case of the problem. All over Latin America there are basket cases. It simply makes no sense to have 1/3 of the rest of the world move to America. Why can’t the rest of the world copy America or fix themselves? That is the question. The idea everyone moves here is crazy.

More emphasis needs to be placed on the evils of these countries and their problems and less on how horrible the US is for not letting everyone come here. Why does it seem liberals think it is practically a death sentence to send a mexican back to his country?

I created a formula: Immigration rate = Growth rate — social insurance.

When we take in more immigrants than our economy is growing and when those immigrants are consuming social services it is harder to take in more immigration. The democrats made the immigration issue themselves. They are doing this. They increase our social insurance and they lowered our growth rate. America simply can’t afford to take on millions of immigrants when there are no jobs for the people already here. Until we get this growth rate booming and cut our social insurance costs we can’t really look at more immigration.

This is not a moral issue. The democrats want to frame it as a moral issue because they don’t care about social division and instability. They benefit from that. They want more immigrants to increase their potential voter base and if the rest of us suffer so what. They are literally leading us to suicide. This is simple. As long as america grows we can afford some immigrants. The more growth the more immigrants.

At some point though we have to say that the rest of the world should fix itself damnit. More emphasis needs to be put on the failure of these other countries and less on supposed moral inferiority of americans.

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