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I believe that the NSA and government loves the fact google dominates the world. It would be much harder for the NSA to spy on everyone if there were dozens of search engines.

I learned of google’s involvement with NSA many years ago like you. Recently the US government donated an incredible parcel of expensive land in mountain view Ca to google. Since when does the US government make donations to corporations? How stupid are we?

It hasn’t been till recently that I noticed that google results would look like something from huffington post. You look for some article or information and find that google can’t find it but finds all kinds of stuff that tells you how to think about that issue. That the information on climate and such comes back with preloaded propaganda that all reads like you just turned on MSNBC. Publications like daily caller are suppressed. Huffington post is pumped up. You never see anything from drudge even though we know drudge gets billions of hits a month and is more prominent than any other single news source it NEVER gets referenced.

I don’t play with Facebook but I wouldn’t doubt a similar strategy has taken hold there.

The nyt and liberals have said that the problem with the election is that people could ignore their filter bubble media. There is obviously something going on behind the scenes here.

I am not someone who jumps to conspiracy. I understand how google works. I understand it is possible to get results that might look biased but I don’t believe this is really what is going on.

You never see a bias the other way. That is emblematic of corruption. They don’t seem to understand we are smart. We are not idiots like them. We see what they are doing and when their news is 24x7 negative to trump we can safely conclude that everything they say is full of crap and biased. The same with search. If the results always come back biased in one direction you can be certain somebody is playing with the results.

I am disappointed because even though I knew such a thing was possible I also felt that these companies would care about their reputations and wouldn’t allow any possibility of bias to be accused but I think now the worry is they will be accused of facilitating trump and with the hate trump movement and the insane ferocity they may either be part of it or scared of acting unbiased.

This is a problem that will have to be addressed like many others at some point.

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