If Antifa keeps it up, perspective will change rapidly.
David Cearley

I believe there is a significant chance liberals have lost control of the filter bubbles and they never had real control of Antifa or BLM. That is Soros. What the liberals may be finding out is Soros and Democrat interests diverge. Soros is truly interested in chaos. Democrats will realize while dissent from Trump works in their favor violence and chaos are not good things to be associated with when you are trying to court undecided middle of the road americans.

They will have to try and turn the filter bubbles and Antifa, BLM or they may have to divorce them and turn. This is ON TOP OF the other problems the democrats have which is:

1) Decide on what they really stand for — middle class or identity politics

2) Reform the party including its dependence on elites giving them billions

3) Find younger charismatic people to run for office

4) Stifle the aggressive elements of the party and those promoting messages of anti-american, anti-free speech, extremists who go on and on about white privilege etc…

5) Come up with actual policies to accomplish what they want and get consensus in the party these are the priorities to accomplish

6) Reorient the filter bubbles to push these messages

7) Somehow jettison the failing filter bubble messages and/or defend the failing narratives continually but hope it doesn’t distract from 5 and 6.

8) Stop Trump

9) Explain away Trump’s success

Hillary Clinton led the Democrats to a precipice. Besides her obvious corruption and her poor choice of corrupt friends (Wasserman, Brazile, Lynch, Abedin, Podesta, Comey, …) her obsession with elites and kowtowing to them she chose a BAD strategy.

She decided identity politics, global warming and trashing her opponent were enough to win and discredited the idea they would lose the middle class. Bill Clinton actually spoke up several times that this was a mistake but Podesta and Hillary laughed at him apparently.

They are at a 90 year low in political power. But the more important problem is that they are positioned completely wrong. They have:

1) A lot of liberals are not aligned with the elites running things and the elite messages as well as the perception that Democrats are now the elites

2) Identity politics and muslim, hispanic and black voters are NOT enough to win the presidency without the middle class.

3) They have a 35 point deficit with middle class voters and with no strategy or convincing approach to regain them. A historic shift in parties and allegiances that is devastating.

4) In my belief they are too much aligned with extremely anti-american extremist elements and George Soros and his chaos crowd.

How they reposition, get unity, realign the filter bubbles and jettison undesirable elements is an incredibly hard problem. It could take 10 years.

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