Reconsider your position…

I can’t corroborate your experience with Asians. I went to a different set of schools. Who knows?

I have to say though that regards to Americans I am depressed. Seeing night after night the academic folks on Tucker or the students one is overwhelmed with a feeling of despair for our educational institutions.

I do wonder at times if we have enough students who are going to be business warriors not going to be culture warriors. This constant victimization talk and excuses and idiocy is scary. It is frightening to think kids are so closed minded about ideas that aren’t conformant to their filter bubble ideas.

American values is missing in so many students who don’t seem to know anything about this country. They seem so entitled and expect everything to be handed to them. Any upset is considered hate speech. They don’t know how to debate, how to think. We have produced a generation of filter bubble morons who just repeat mindlessly the memes they are told and can’t think critically about anything because they were punished in school for having contrary ideas or thoughts.

I worry at times that the Left’s domination of universities will kill us. I will say that many of the legal immigrants I know are among the best educated, most American Americans. I worry that our efforts to hire Americans is not going to be that successful because Americans don’t want to study hard subjects as much as foreigners, do science and be ruthless devoted businessmen and women. I hope I am wrong.

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