Seth Miller

I disagree that climate scientists are acting properly but I will give you the point of risk. I have said this many times.

The science should be done properly with all the doubts and concerns and problems fully out there. People should not be criticized for having other views.

I am not stuck on the details as you think. In science when a theory falls apart it can mean that everything changes. If co2 doesn’t cause the 5 fold amplification that the models suggest then the temperature change is dramatically less and the risks are less. If you are trying to argue any change is bad then that is stupid. There is going to be change Seth. There is nothing we can do about it. Get used to it. Shit happens.

Even if we reduced co2 so there was less risk according to the IPCC there would still be storms and tsunami’s and floods and droughts. These things existed before man put co2 in the atmosphere and these things killed millions and millions of people. The weather is severe at times. It is not that the world was some bucolic never changing niceness before.

If in the political arena people want to argue that the risk is too great fine. That is perfectly reasonable position to take. Scientists should not be doctoring their science to reflect their political viewpoint. I am 100% convinced that is happening. The graph I use that I think establishes this to the level of 99.99999% change of political tampering is this:

32 modifications to the USHCN temperature record of which 30 accentuate temperature change. The probability of all the errors being one direction is less than one in a billion. To me this is proof of the impossibility that the science is correct. There is massive tampering and bias.

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