That’s a fake war.
John Hopkins

I don’t know if I agree it is a business but I certainly believe this idea we make things better with these wars or these insurrections is really hard to justify.

If you think even of the Korean War but that one at least ended with half the country civilized. Vietnam no such luck. After that all these conflicts I can’t think of one except maybe Granada or the first Iraqi war that you could say there was any benefit to it. If the war lasts more than 6 weeks it’s a losing proposition for everyone after that.

I guess the counter to that is that we don’t know what would have transpired if we hadn’t done what we did. There is no “alternate universe” we can examine to see how everything played out if we just gave up Vietnam or never went into Iraq again or none of these things happened under Obama.

Nonetheless in a bunch of the cases the costs were incredible for us and nothing good has resulted. I think we have to have a high bar for getting involved in these things again.

Is this lack of leadership? I think we should concentrate on a bigger problem. Why are so many countries of the world so dysfunctional that everyone wants to leave this or they place. Lets spend a trillion trying to get some countries to be aligned with us.

One of the most successful techniques for changing countries I’ve noticed is when we make friends with some horrible place and do business with them. I will give you examples but china itself is a good one and Pakistan.

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