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Amber Lisa

I get that. There is a certain amount of absurdity to the Left’s agenda and beliefs that is hard to keep without laughing.

The president decides what is secret and not secret. He gets to make the final decision on things like that. It’s no joke. The democrats don’t get to decide what they think should be secret. It’s ridiculous. If trump decided to dump the entire us database on things the US has done in the past to Argentina or how we tried to overthrow the Israeli government during obama’s term he can. If he wants to detail our attacks using cyber hacking on the soviet government during Obama’s term he can.

Secrets are over-rated. Especially government secrets. I have to admit that knowing Trump wasn’t part of the “system” he would get in there and if he saw stuff that was really nasty he might let it out. I was looking forward to seeing if for instance there was any alien evidence. I suspected he might mention it if it existed. I wondered if he might talk about some of the mistakes of our government in the Middle East and elsewhere. Maybe he could shed light on how the US government killed Khaddafi or how we destabilized and tried to kill other Middle East leaders?

Don’t get me wrong. Russia is bad for releasing those true emails. So wrong. No leader in the world can prefer Trump over Hillary. That is an affront on our democracy and attack. Preferring Trump is tantamount to wanting to destroy america, right? That’s what you think?

Also, I am serious about the delusions. You do know that probably virtually everything you read is completely false? There was no collusion of Trump with Russia. The guy was working 23.8 hours a day in campaign stops and speeches and debates and prep destroying hillary the old fashioned way by beating her honestly by explaining to the american people how he was going to make their lives better. When did he have time to plan with Putin getting Podesta’s secret password “password” or get for Putin the DNC’s IP address? I mean how exactly did this collusion work? I am struggling to see how it is even possible.

I think that by using the password password Podesta deserved to get his email dumped. In fact, he himself should have dumped it. He virtually did dump it. It is the absolutely most simple password possible. He was virtually saying, my email is open to anybody to hack. Come get it.

Why should the US go to war with Russia because someone was dumb enough to use the password password? Maybe Podesta and Putin should engage in mortal combat and leave us out of it.

How would the Russians effect our election? Most of the time such things backfire.

When Obama tried to get Israel’s minister (Netanyahu) put out by giving hundreds of thousands to opposition candidates Netanyahu won anyway.

When Obama went to campaign against BREXIT and threatened to HURT Britain if it voted for BREXIT it backfired.

When Obama and Hillary tried to undermine Putin’s election it didn’t work. These things don’t work.

Russia tried an interesting strategy assuming they were the brilliant spies who typed password into the password field of Podesta’s email account they distributed his real emails. What an idea. Truth. What could be more damaging than the truth? How nefarious of the Russians to use our own truth against us?

The fact is the filter bubble liberal press was incredibly effective at suppressing any information in those emails. I doubt a single democrat changed their vote based on them. The propaganda networks of the left are incredibly effective at blocking inappropriate information from your naive, safe space needing, so you won’t be jarred by reality.

Thus you think that my post about the constitution rewriting plans of the democrats made plain by their platform in the last election that the US had to accept all that wanted to come here. That the US virtually has a constitutional ammendment guaranteeing people of the world the right to immigrate to the US even if they can’t get here legally to just walk in and hang out.

The democrats were incredibly clear that they consider free speech an old fashioned concept. They would clearly like to rewrite the constitutions first ammendment to ban speeches by anyone who isn’t certified democrat liberal.

The democrats have been known for decades to want to re-interpret the second ammendment. Now, recently with the unmasking beliefs of the Democratic Party it seems the 4rth ammendment needs to be updated as well.

So, I wasn’t joking about any of that. It was all serious I’m sorry to say. These aren’t jokes. I believe that most democrats would like to rewrite the constitution and given the unlikelihood of that to get it reinterpreted to their liking. Thus the election of Trump and his ability to replace more federal judges than any other president in history (40%) will mean the democrats hopes of reinterpreting the constitution especially with the Supreme Court shifting not looking good for you guys.

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