Joe, Exxon Mobil is number 5 on the list of the world’s top 100 CO2 contributors.
David Leigh

I love how liberals like to deflect guilt. I am virtuous. I don’t produce CO2, evil Exxon Mobile does it. The evil company.

As you go around driving your gas car, using oil based electricity and gas stoves, gas barbecues, gas…

This is something I never could understand. Exxon simply produces what people consume. If we consumed no oil products they would be bankrupt and there would be no oil. Nobody makes you use oil.

We are the consumers. How can we blame the producers for making what we want? This is so pathetic and lame an argument only a liberal could come up with it.

Those evil oil companies making the things I need and use. How evil.

This is so stupid.

At least with cigarette companies the argument could be made that it is addictive. We can also say we can prove it causes cancer now. You could argue they are in a dirty business but even then people do choose to smoke and as much as I hate to admit it smoking is a persistant and common human behavior.

There are 2 things you will find in any community of humans whether in the backcountry someplace in any tribe of any size. They smoke something and they drink some form of inebriant. For some reason I can’t understand people smoke. They always will and if you can find some way to get rid of the cancer aspect people will smoke again in droves because they like it. I hate smoking and never have smoked but i rue the day when they cure cancer or find a way to make cigarettes that won’t cause cancer because I know people will do it again.

As far as oil. It’s not a common human characteristic but energy is required to have life, for us to have the lives we have. It is a necessity until we find some alternatives cheap enough. Calling those who produce the things that are necessary is odd to me.

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