I was wrong about Trump voters
Michael Baharaeen

I think it’s really good you believe this survey from Atlantic magazine. As a true leftist organization its surveys will undoubtedly support the democratic status quo. Beleive these polls like you believed the polls during the election.

You’re right. It’s all about race and Obama’s economy was great. Keep believing your filter bubbles. Keep yourselves deceived.

Yes, keep pushing your insane industrial policies, insane environmental policies and identity politics. Keep pushing for unlimited illegal immigration and open borders. Let’s stop frakking and give away trillions to poor countries to build solar energy and compete with us economically. That’s going to work great. It didn’t win this election or the last Special elections but surely it will win eventually.

Thank god these morons never learn and stay in their filter bubbles. If they ever got a clue they might actually win again and put us on the wrong road to destruction again we were on with Obama.

It’s been 6 months from the election and the democrats haven’t reformed one bit. They are still pushing identity politics. Still pushing the hate Trump agenda. They haven’t addressed any of their internal problems or reformed. They are completely bolloxed by Trumps tweets and misdirection and cant formulate any intelligent plan. All they can do is hate. As long as they continue to act like spoiled children and riot and keep trying to overthrow a legitimate election fabricating pointless investigations they can’t mount any opposition and trump keeps moving his agenda forward. It’s amazing how dumb and predictable they are. They keep being pulled back into their filter bubbles and stuck believing their own lies to themselves.

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