My question, however, remains; on what data do you base your assumption that scientists are in the “elite”?
Sure, even many, possibly most, scientists would agree with that.
Mark Russell

I think you are referring to the other person on this thread’s conversation.

I don’t think scientists are elites but professors in college do earn a sizable income and many especially in certain fields earn substantial income from side “projects” that spur from their work that generates massive income.

As I pointed out Macron in France has offered climate scientists in the US $1.7 million to come to France. That tells you right there something. That’s pretty elite. These climate scientists earn a lot from affiliations with different organizations. They earn a lot from companies that get funded to do green technology that depends on government subsidies. Billions are made in grants, subsidies and investments.

If you think those billions don’t bias people I have a bridge to sell you.

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