If you saw the Evergreen college protest


What is happening to kids in college today? Our educational system is being destroyed by political correctness.

What we see is what happens when the left is in charge. They become their own worst nightmare. Everything they protest against gets worse because their solutions and ideas don’t work so they cause more suffering.

BLM protests led to 3 times the death rate last year for white cops while the homicide rate nationally climbed 30% and thousands and thousands more black people died. What they do doesn’t work. What actually happens is the opposite of what liberals claim they want. That’s why they lost power. Everything they do is a failure even as they lecture us so confidently about how bad Trump is they ignore the 8 years they practically killed America.

Seeing these college students chanting in unison reminds me of German fascists. It reminds me of what North Korea looks like. This culture of personal destruction accusations with no evidence. No legal process. People demand that others are guilty by accusations. This is destroying the fabric of America.

We are seeing WHY our founders created the country the way it is. Why our system is designed as it was and the rights we have by seeing how liberals want us to become like these colleges. Places where the cult of personality rules over the law and personal destruction is king.

The funny thing about this is that they are using the politics of Alinsky and personal destruction of individuals to take down their own!!! :) a socialist / communist professor is being destroyed because he is “racist.”

This has to be the funniest story but it is being repeated all over as students take over our colleges and impose absurd ideas that make our colleges virtually useless. I would never pay to send my kids to such a school.

The left is destroying education. Its killing America.

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