Introspection and Hypocrisy

Democrats Don’t care about Privacy

The democrats are VERY upset about the leak of private communications. Today, another deep state leak by a democrat reveals the conversation of Theresa May and Donald Trump. We have been beset by literally daily leaks by deep state operatives of the Democratic Party since the election including leaks that were potentially dangerous to the military of the US.

If the democrats love leaking Donald Trump so much how could they be upset at leaking Wikileaks? Either these private things are “an attack on democracy” or they are not. Which is it?

We now know that Obama used the office to examine communications of the Trump team during and before the transition regarding people they were meeting with both Americans and Foreigners, what the Trump foreign policy would be and what their plans for the transition were. Over 200 FISA violations have been documented potentially criminal violations of 4th amendment privacy.

What is interesting to me is that in all these leaks literally 100 or so there has never been uncovered an unethical or illegal thing done by Trump. They are certainly trying to embarrass him. No doubt that is the intent but unlike Wikileaks which showed collusion between the DNC and efforts to game the primary, the DNC and Hillary’s campaign to give Hillary information improperly, collusion with the media to write stories. Emails from George Soros requesting and getting special state department results. Evidence of officials sending thugs to trump rallies NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS BEEN DISCOVERED IN ANY OF THE LEAKS by the deep state democrat operatives. It appears astonishingly that Trump is not an unethical crook like Hillary and democrats. In some sense it is validating that the democrats were the real criminals. None of these leaks shows anything remotely a problem for Trump that 4 years from now we would be going: Remember when we found out about how Soros was pulling Hillary’s strings?

Democrats don’t care about Democracy

You said in the election that you cared about the sanctity of the election and to challenge it disqualified you. We have democrats seeking the death of Trump, the death of the administration and seeking the overthrow of Trump without elections through an impeachment without cause. Earlier they were trying to get the electoral college to violate their oath’s to follow the will of the people.

This would be the closest to coup the US has ever experienced and would jeapordize democracy itself in the US since republicans would undoubtedly take out the next democrat president by the same means. What goes around comes around. Don’t be surprised. You took away the filibuster. We used that to get our Supreme Court guy in. Be prepared. Is this the way you want to go?

During the election we are learning Hillary’s campaign did more dirty tricks than all the campaigns of the last 20 years combined. They sent thugs to Trump rallies to disrupt. They sent questions to debates to Hillary. They staged 20+ hate crimes to blame on Donald Trump. They lied in the media and colluded with the media to take down Trump 24x7 even to the extent of destroying journalism in America.

We learned even their own primary process was faked. It was never a legitimate primary process. Hillary was gamed in from the beginning. They don’t care about democracy in their own party processes let alone the general election.

Democrats don’t care about the Environment

During the Obama admin they claimed to care about the environment but wind power in particular is amazingly destructive of birds. If the US or any country used wind power in any quantity millions and millions of birds would be killed every year including many endangered ones.

Smart Democrats must know that CO2 doesn’t pollute and causes very little heat yet they promulgate climate hoax even though many of them know the environment has actually improved with CO2. There are more birds and animals and plants, forests and agriculture from CO2. Co2 is plant food. NASA has proven that the CO2 we put in has greened the Earth by 30% and smart democrats know this but will never say it.

Obama has spent the last 6 months traveling exclusively by private jet all over the world. When he isn’t using private jets he is on giant private yachts and when he isn’t on private yachts he is in 14 limousine motorcades going to climate conferences to lecture us to reduce our carbon footprint. This is of course similar to DiCaprio who does the same thing and all the elites.

Democrats don’t care about the Poor

If democrats cared about the poor they would have done “something” to help them besides food stamps. The poor did worse under Obama.

Democrats don’t care about the health of Americans

Under Obama the lifespan of Males and Females has declined for the last 3 years. We have an incredible epidemic of opioid abuse, depression, suicide among males especially. Democrats don’t care. They seem to care about women getting planned parenthood services than the health of all americans.

The Obamacare program is on its deathbed. The program is forced on people, but with $9000 deductibles for families most people never see a penny from the money they spend. Their health is not improving. Every measure of American health has declined under Obamacare.

Democrats don’t care about the middle class

Democrats were the party of the unions and the middle class. Today we are treated to daily insults to the middle class in america. They are dumb voters. They used to be democrats, now it is the dumb that vote for Trump. These are the deplorable or the white racists, white supremacists.

Democrats don’t care about Blacks

It is widely known that Blacks did worse under Obama. Even Louis Farrakhan and other black leaders have pointed this out. This is why the Democrats got the least votes from the black community in 16 years in the election.

Over the last 2 years homicide rate in the US climbed by 30%. Almost all those deaths were black people. It’s like a giant slaughter of black people sanctioned by the Democratic Party.

Democrats don’t care about peace

For the last 8 years there has been incredible wars instigated by the Democratic president. Over 65 million refugees have been generated by these conflicts. Millions have died in these wars. Obama is the first president in US history to be at war the entire 8 years of his presidency and in multiple wars no less.

Now we have the Democratic Party operatives pushing for war with Russia, at least another Cold War. Let’s start building the nukes again. Oh wait we have Russia 25% of our nuclear stockpiles for $100 million dollars to hillary.

Democrats don’t care about Terrorism

Hillary said there is no connection between terrorism and the muslim religion. Obama has refused to use the term Muslim extremist. Whether you agree that there is a connection terrorism worldwide has climbed 500% during the Obama admin. Thousand people a month are being killed by terrorists worldwide now.

At every point Democrats minimize this. CNN and MSNBC waited an hour before even reporting the Manchester bombings instead continuing their hate speech against Donald Trump until they were forced to speak about it. Then one reporter actually wondered if the bombing was a Trump planted story not real.

At every point they question if something was terrorism. No, that was workplace violence killing 100 gays in Orlando. That was lone wolf attacking 7 here. No, no terrorism. There are more people killed by lightning strike than terrorists they say even though more than 1,000 people a month are killed worldwide.

Democrats don’t care about the truth

CNN has been caught in so many lies it’s getting ridiculous. All during the election we heard so many lies from democrats I am sure they are destroying tapes of the coverage so nobody will ever look back to see how many times they were wrong.

They have filter bubbles that Filter out anything negative about them or any of their past lies and only present new lies. They lie about immigrants, about everything and even lie about their own lying.

Democrats have not reported the facts of the condition of the US spending 93% of their coverage hating Donald Trump and reporting nothing else about foreign affairs, the economy, the states or other important concerns of Americans. Devoting 93% of their time just disparaging our president.

Democrats do care about the Elites

During the last election Hillary spent half her time in fund raisers raising 1.5 billion dollars in $100 million tranches from ultra rich billionaires. She enlisted the support of Hollywood elites everywhere. George Soros and many others gave orders and Hillary did their bidding without questions as demonstrated in Wikileaks. She told banking executives there were 2 truths. One she told the voters and one she told them.

After the election the democrats have had the opportunity to reform but they have chosen in each opportunity to repudiate their elite connections to not do so and continue to accept as much elite money as they can.

Democrats care about Illegal Americans

We have seen with sanctuary cities, with the number of people let in across the border, the catch and release policies that Democrats wanted to get as many illegals in this country as they could. They didn’t care if they were criminals or what they did. They just want to get them in and protect them.

Trump has now reduced illegal immigration into this country by 70% without lifting a finger except to let the existing laws of this country to be executed by the courts and Immigration service.

Democrats care about virtue signaling

The main thing democrats do is lecture us how superior they are in every moral way. They care about white privilege, about how horrible Donald Trump is and they care about healthcare as they don’t do anything about the failure of mention any shortcomings of Obamacare. They constantly lecture us how evil Putin is, Assad is. They like to tell us how evil Republicans are. They spend every minute lecturing us how smart they are, how right they are even though the last 8 years 76% of the people said we were going the wrong direction.

They tell us in every speech how they are for the poor, the blacks, the muslims, the immigrants, the environment but as we’ve seen actually don’t. They just want us to believe they do. If they told us about what they actually care about which is themselves and nothing but themselves then they would be telling the truth but as shown above that is the most important thing they don’t care about. The Truth.

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