I’ve changed my mind about Susan Rice Scandal

I understand that as a White House official Susan Rice had no reason to look at unmasked intelligence gathered by the FBI and NSA on US citizens but I now think we shouldn’t really press this issue. We should quietly let it die and get on to other things.

Over the next 8 years the ability of Trump to be able to spy on every democrat conversation with any foreigner will prove invaluable in destroying the rest of the Democratic Party.

Just think NO DEMOCRAT can have a conversation with an elite donor in a foreign country or foreign national without Trump being able to listen in and collect dirt. Democrats are going to have to really run a squeaky clean operation. There will be lots of opportunities to really put the hammer to the democrats if what Susan did is okay.

I suggest the republicans quietly put the discussion about Susan Rice aside. The democrats apparently used this for roughly one year. Donald will be able to spy on democrats for 8 years using this loophole. It’s a good tradeoff. We should take the democrats excuses for Susan’s behavior. It was all perfectly legitimate for her to look at all those unmasked conversations. Perfectly legitimate.

This is going to be a fun 8 years. We are going to learn a lot more about democrats than what wikileaks got. A LOT MORE. Hahahahahaha

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