They were running away with their tails between their legs in the Bay Area this last weekend…
Futureshocked Al

Let me get this straight. You actually believe Patriot Prayer or Rally against Marxism are Nazi white supremacists? Patriot Prayer preaches about love and peace. That’s their whole message. Marxism killed over 100 million people last century. How are they Nazi for opposing that?

You also are supporting people committed to the destruction of the US and it’s values as said by BLM and Antifa founders yesterday.

I don’t believe for a second there is any “White Supremacist movement” in the US. It is utterly a fantasy of the left to distract us from the real problems in America and create another way to frighten and spin up leftist violence. Leftist violence that now has become the real right wing violence.

Things have flipped. The left has become right. Peace is war. What Democrats say is the opposite of what they mean and do. So, you rail against fascism while you are the fascists. You say you are for blacks but do the most harm to blacks. You are for the middle class and poor but they suffered the most under your administration. Everything democrats say is the opposite of what happens or what they mean.

Your media lies 98% of the time even Harvard concluded. You may think you are fooling people but it’s not working. Check the election. None of your filter bubble lies or Antifa BLM shit is working. Everybody hates you and what you are doing.

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