Trump can call Mexicans “rapists” and his approval goes up.
You’re right — Trump voters aren’t apologizing for their vote. They’re doubling down. As expected.
Paul Greblo


People understand when trump said people coming across the border were rapists he WASN”T saying every mexican was a rapist.

Liberals lie. You take everything Donald says out of context to create a narrative of hate. You hate him therefore you take everything he says and try to turn it into hate because you hate him.

If you try to understand what he said here like MOST people he DID NOT SAY ALL MEXICANS ARE RAPISTS. He was saying that by having an open border and letting anybody in some of them would be rapists. This is an indisputable fact.

If México let americans come across the border without any supervision some americans going across the border to Mexico would be rapists. That’s not saying all americans are rapists. It’s simply a fact some americans are rapists and if you let them come across Willy nilly then some of them will be rapists.

You conflate probably on purpose due to your hate of Republicans in general so you take his comment to mean a blanket condemnation of all Mexicans. That’s what you want to believe but it is not what he said or meant. Most people know what he meant and it is true.

25% of people in federal prisons are illegal immigrants. The left claims illegal immigrants are only 3% of the US population. How can 3% of our population be 25% of the federal prison population? 5–15% of state prisons are illegal immigrants. Again MUCH HIGHER than the 3% of the population telling us that there is NO WAY illegal immigrants are less criminal than regular americans. They are 4 times as criminal as regular americans. They have to be.

Logically it makes sense also. Why would only ethical good people come across the border illegally? Certainly a lot of good people do but if the border is open and unregulated then clearly criminals will take advantage of that. It’s stupid to assume they wouldn’t. It’s stupid to argue illegal immigrants are some great thing.

Illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes, they send most of their money back home not contributing to the US economy, they take jobs from americans, they use our social services frequently no doubt in excess of what they deserve but even if not a burden we wouldn’t have as much otherwise because they can’t buy insurance or operate legally. They are second class slave class something evil and wrong. Lastly, when one commits a serious crime it causes us to spend a vast amount finding them, policing, the justice system and legal system, then paying for them for years in prison when they shouldn’t be here in the first place. This costs us millions which thousands of hard working well meaning illegal immigrants could never compensate for. Lastly, illegal immigrants can’t earn Nobel prizes, they can’t start companies that hire thousands of workers like legal immigrants can. There is no way illegal immigrants benefit America. IT HAS TO BE STOPPED.

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