New Emails on her assistant’s computer show Hillary is guilty. 100% guilty as charged.

Released emails from Huma Abedin’s computer gotten only last week show conclusively that Hillary deleted emails that were proof of quid quo pro. These emails show Hillary used the state department of the US as a political weapon and her personal beneficial power to gain donations to her presumably money laundering C corporation otherwise known as the Hillary and Bill Clinton foundation.

This had to be the case. 100 instances of meetings between people who contributed to the Clinton’s C corporation and had state department business would inevitably uncover such quid quo pro. Its simply a matter of probability and mathematics. It was essentially proved.

The Clinton’s were simply hoping that they had bitscrubbed the emails and deleted them, smashed them with hammers, but her feckless incompetent assistant who hangs with alleged pedophile husband of course screwed up.

Like all the corrupt incompetent idiots she works with and her own gross incompetence Hillary’s assistants prove finally to be her undoing.

The denial by leftists of Hillary’s culpability as using the office for gaining monies was obvious deceit. Nobody could be so stupid to think this was all innocent. 100 meetings?

I said numerous times, how stupid are you? Nobody pays $1Million to meet with someone without expecting something in return. It’s stupid to suggest otherwise.

Hillary will go to jail. We need to see this or many people will lose faith that the US government is simply a sham. Unlike with the Trump fantasy crimes that aren’t even crimes these are real crimes. Like the leaks which ARE crimes. Like the FISA violations which are CRIMES.

We demand these democrats be brought up on charges and prosecuted in a court with a jury and justice be brought to bear.

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