I agree, Nikhil, that “Trump is bad” is clearly not enough to win elections.
Michael Baharaeen

No, it’s working great. Keep rioting and making wacky accusations. Keep up the chopping heads off and holding them up and laughing. It’s so funny. Keep shooting at republicans. Keep the hate and Alinsky method up. It will work. Eventually it will work. It is all you have anyway. What else could you do than he the party of “hate the white male?” Its not the elites that control the Democratic Party that are the oppressors. It’s that middle class white male reeling from his third job loss and no full time job in 8 years that is the oppressor. The white guy whose life expectancy has been dropping for 3 years in a row that is your ENEMY. not the rich elites that fund your party and want you to take in millions and millions of immigrants legal or not and think giving away our jobs and money to other countries who are so much worse off than us. We need to give them trillions in solar energy plants to compete with us. We need to stomp out fracking energy and import all our oil from our friends in the Arab world who love our differences.

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